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Coggin College of Business
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Giving Back to International Business

Providing meaningful experiential learning opportunities requires investment devoted to creating programs, establishing partnerships, and supporting student travel and academics. As such, there are several opportunities to partner with us in facilitating the development of our students and supporting the Northeast Florida community.

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Opportunities to Support our Mission

Student Scholarships

These scholarships are intended for the wide range of academic programs offered through IB. Scholarship funding helps increase diversity via outreach to under-represented populations of students. Lack of financial resources and visibility may otherwise prevent certain students from fully participating in our study abroad programs.

International Programs

Faculty-led Study Abroad Programs

Students participate in a study abroad program led by UNF faculty. These programs are an effective instrument to introduce students to other cultures and differences in international markets.

Summer Study Abroad Programs

Students spend a summer term in one (or two!) of 10 programs in different countries. They take classes from local faculty at a partner university, and live in the local culture. Classes are taught in English, making these programs extremely accessible to a large population of students.

Semester Exchanges

Students who are more independent or have already participated in an entry-level study abroad, can spend a full semester or year at one of our partner universities as exchange students. These opportunities offer deep cultural immersion; students may enhance their language skills and become proficient living in a foreign culture.

Dual Degree Programs

IB offers dual (or double) degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. These academic programs require a strong commitment from our students, but they exemplify the unique learning opportunities at UNF.

  • Undergraduate Dual Degrees: students who participate in undergraduate double degrees complete two years of classes at UNF and then two years of classes at one of our partner universities. These programs culminate in the awarding of two bachelor's degrees, one from each university. Spending two academic years abroad, taking several classes taught in another language, completing an overseas internship, and receiving two degrees sets these students apart in the job market and opens up diverse options for their future careers. Currently, IB offers double degree programs in France, Spain, and Germany.
  • Graduate Dual Degree: our GlobalMBA program is a unique program in its class, as it provides a 15-month long academic program around the world. UNF partners with the Technische Hochschule Köln (Cologne, Germany), the University of Warsaw (Warsaw, Poland), and Kyungpook National University (Daegu, South Korea). Students live and study in these four locations as an international cohort, and receive two master's degrees: an MBA from UNF, and a Master of International Management and Intercultural Communication jointly conferred by Technische Hochschule Köln and the University of Warsaw.

Coggin Delegation

This student buddy program facilitates integration of international and domestic UNF students so they may work together toward deeper intercultural understanding. International exchange students are paired with UNF students and participate in activities organized by the Coggin Delegation. This program is open to all UNF students, regardless of their planned study abroad programs or majors, and allow us to increase the internationalization and intercultural exposure of our college and campus.

Faculty Development

Internationalization and international programs are one of the most important sources of faculty development and retention. Faculty look forward to having these opportunities to participate, enhance their research prospects, and create richer learning environments for our students. Among these opportunities are the following:

Coggin Faculty Exchange

Coggin faculty members may participate in a short-term exchange program with our partner universities. This IB-funded activity allows them to develop relationships, assess research opportunities, promote the Coggin College of Business and UNF, give guest lectures, and organize study abroad programs and other academic activities for our students.

Incoming International Faculty Members

IB provides for international faculty from our partner universities to teach at UNF and bring their unique multicultural perspectives to our students. In this way, we enhance internationalization and promote dialogue among our domestic students and faculty.

Internationalization Events

Throughout the year, IB hosts a slate of events to promote intercultural awareness and enhance UNF's internationalization efforts. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • annual UNF program study abroad fairs
  • International Education Week programming
  • National Study Abroad Day events
  • faculty workshops on developing international programs
  • student workshops for double degrees
  • study abroad student pre-departure and re-entry orientations
  • study abroad information sessions in partnership with UNF departments (e.g., LGBTQ Center, student clubs, etc.)
  • community events...and more!