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Coggin College of Business
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Accounting Advisory Council

Our Advisory Council is a link to the professional community and industry practices for our program. These dedicated individuals provide input on relevance of our overall programs of study and specific aspects of the curricula in today’s global business landscape. They assist us in pinpointing specific competencies and skills students should possess to make the International Business Flagship Program more competitive and generate better informed, more interculturally aware graduates. Our members also help assess the college’s competitive environment by advising on strategies to not only recruit students to the major or degree programs, but also to identify internship and career opportunities.

Headshot of earle traynham with a suit and red tie with gray background
University of North Florida
Earle Traynham, Ph.D.
Emeriti Professor, Previous Provost

Headshot of john duda sitting in a red chair with brown background wearing glasses and suit
Summit Exercises and Training
John R. Duda
Chairman and CEO

Headshot of Kerry Flack wearing a green collared shirt with multicolored background
Allstate Benefits
Kerry Flack
Vice President, 
National Account Management

Headshot of sebastian marentes wearing a suit and purple tie with gray background

PGA Tour
Juan Sebastian Marentes

Headshot of Andrea Hartley with black shirt and necklace with blue background
GlobalJax, Inc.
Andrea Hartley
Executive Director

Headshot of Joffrey Heine with suit and purple tie and white background
APR Energy Company
Joffrey Heine
Director, Operations Technology

Headshot of Tami wearing a blue shirt with a necklace and white background
T.Mak’s International Inc.
Tami Mak
Vice President

Headshot of jonathan Mann wearing suit with red striped tie with gray background
Aon Risk Solutions
Jonathan Mann
Sales Executive

Headshot of Karina Person wearing blue dress with white circles and necklace with brick background
CIT Group
Karina Person
Senior Accountant

Headshot of kristin culleton wearing a black shirt and earrings with a brown background
Deutsche Bank
Kristin Culleton
Vice President, CIB Central Management

Headshot of Maria Isabel Montoya with beige background and bangs
MiAddvantage Global Marketing & Communication

Maria Isabel Montoya
Executive Director

Headshot of carsten demuth wearing a blue shirt with a white background
Demuth Capital
Carsten Demuth

Alexis Vigil Headshot
Outstanding Contract Management, LLC

Alexis Vigil