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Montevideo, Uruguay

Spend Summer A studying logistics and South American business practices in Montevideo, Uruguay! Universidad de Montevideo (UM) is a private university that is known for having some of the best professors and students in Uruguay. This summer program includes UM's Global Supply Program that attracts students from around the world, plus an extra week of business culture experience for UNF students. Gain a deeper appreciation of South American culture by attending a celebratory welcome lunch, guided city tour, and an excursion to Colonia del Sacramento, a UNESCO world heritage site. Check out the program video to learn more. 

Note: Since this program is just over two weeks, it cannot fulfill the International Business major international experience requirement on its own.


Three weeks not enough? Consider continuing your study abroad in South America for summer B in Rosario, Argentina! Non-business majors that participate in both Uruguay and Argentina can automatically obtain the International Business minor for non-business majors! For more information, contact us or visit us in Building 42, Room 1104.

Applications closed for 2024.  Visit this page in September for the Summer 2025 application!



Montevideo program information
Travel Dates Summer A 2024
Class dates: mid-late May

Note: Dates subject to minor changes. Students should plan to arrive in Montevideo the weekend before classes begin. 

Meeting Dates

Preparatory meetings prior to travel and a re-entry meeting are required as part of the summer study abroad experience. Topics discussed include safety, cultural adaptation, program expectations, flight/logistical arrangements, and scholarship opportunities.  The re-entry meeting covers adding skills to your resume and how to discuss your experience in an interview setting.  Mark your calendar for the following mandatory meetings:
  1. Friday, March 29, 9 AM-12 PM
  2. Friday, April 19, 1-4 PM
  3. TBD, September 2024 (Re-entry meeting)
Subjects Students complete a total of 3 transfer credits while abroad:
  • TRA3000X Global Supply Networks & Manufacturing Culture in Latin America

Minimum 2.75 GPA


TRA3035 Foundations of Transportation or MAN3504 Operations Management preferred 

or MAN3025 Principles of Management

or permission of instructor


Up to six UNF undergraduate students who meet the above prerequisites.
Cost Students pay all costs, excluding tuition, directly to Universidad de Montevideo, hotels, airlines, etc.  It is estimated that, excluding tuition and personal travel, the program will cost somewhere around $3,200:
  • Lodging for the program dates
  • International Buddy Program
  • International health insurance for the program dates
  • Business visits and transportation
  • Cultural visits and transportation
  • Airfare
  • Meals

Additionally, students must pay for three credits of UNF summer tuition and fees.

 UNF Contact  coggin.abroad@unf.eduInternational Business & Study Abroad, Building 42, Room 1104
UM Contact Ms. Josefina Maria Jiramendi: