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Pecs, Hungary

Pécs, the fifth largest city in Hungary, is approximately 2000 years-old. Located about 200 Km South from Budapest, Hungary's southern border; Pécs, is a gateway to Croatia, and the Balkans. Famous for its Zsolnay ceramics, mysterious Roman crypts,Turkish ruins, Csontváry paintings, among others. This city is a popular destination for tourists interested in history and culture. Pécs, was originally settled by the Romans and later the Turks this creates a fascinating destination full of interesting sites, beautiful landscaping, and a vibrant, multicultural and Mediterranean atmosphere. In 2010, Pécs was the European capital of Culture, and according to The New York Times, one of its 46 recommended tourist destinations in 2013.

This year University of Pécs will be celebrating the 6th anniversary of its summer program.

Note: Only the four-week, six credit version of this program fulfills the International Business major international experience requirement.


Two-four weeks not enough? Consider spending a fall or spring semester in Hungary!  For more information, contact us or visit us in Building 42, Room 1104.

How to Apply


Pecs course dates and information
Travel Dates

Summer B 2024
Class dates:

  • Two-week session: July 7-20*
  • Four-week session: July 3 - August 1

Note: Dates subject to minor changes. Students should plan to arrive in Pécs before classes begin.

Meeting Dates

Preparatory meetings prior to travel and a re-entry meeting are required as part of the Coggin summer study abroad experience. Topics discussed include safety, cultural adaptation, program expectations, flight/logistical arrangements, and scholarship opportunities.  The re-entry meeting covers adding skills to your resume and how to discuss your experience in an interview setting.  Mark your calendar for the following mandatory meetings:
  1. Friday, March 29, 9 AM-12 PM
  2. Friday, April 19, 1-4 PM
  3. TBD, September 2024 (Re-entry meeting)

Two-week session* (students choose one for a total of 3 UNF credits):

"During the summer school, students will study the political, economic, cultural and social achievements and challenges of the European Union. They will expand their knowledge on topics such as migration, security, economic transitions, art history, gastronomy, and folk traditions in Europe. Engaging social programs will also be organized for participants to provide a unique intercultural experience, including a Hungarian dance house, an intercultural workshop and a wine tasting program."

"The aim of the course is for students to become familiar with the leadership skills necessary to become effective and meaningful leaders. The main topics covered in the course include understanding leadership, recognizing leadership traits, developing leadership skills, creating a vision, communicating effectively, managing time, handling conflict, and overcoming obstacles. Participants will assess their leadership traits and skills to improve their own leadership performance."

*The two-week session does not fulfill the International Business major international experience requirement.

Four-week session (students take both for a total of 6 UNF credits):

  1. GEB3000X European Studies (3 UNF credits)
  2. GEBXXXX Leadership Skills (3 UNF credits)
Pecs program details
Participants  Up to 6 UNF undergraduate students

Students pay all costs, excluding tuition, directly to the University of Pécs, hotels, airlines, etc.  It is estimated that, excluding tuition and personal travel, the program will cost somewhere around $3,500:

  • Lodging for the program dates
  • International health insurance for the program dates
  • Business & cultural visits and transportation
  • Airfare
  • Meals

Additionally, students must pay for 3-6 credits of UNF summer tuition and fees.

UNF Contact coggin.abroad@unf.eduInternational Business & Study Abroad, Building 42, Room 1104
UP Contact Ms. Boglárka Vecsánin: