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Zagreb, Croatia

Spend Summer B in beautiful, historic Croatia on the Mediterranean across from Italy! Zagreb School of Economics and Management (ZSEM), located in Croatia's bustling capital city of Zagreb, is a private university with a summer program that attracts students from around the world. Choose one business courses from the selection offered below plus a course in Croatian studies. Take weekend excursions to see the waterfalls at Plitvice Lakes and the ancient and Renaissance architecture in Zadar. View our photo gallery of UNF students in Croatia. 

Three weeks not enough? Consider spending the full fall semester abroad! For more information, email or visit us in Building 42, Room 1104.

Applications closed for 2024.  Visit this page in September for the Summer 2025 application!

Travel dates and program overview
Travel Dates Summer B 2024
Class Dates: July 1-28 or July 15-August 11, 2024

Note: Dates subject to minor changes. Students should plan to arrive in Zagreb the weekend before classes begin. 

Meeting Dates

Preparatory meetings prior to travel and a re-entry meeting are required as part of the summer study abroad experience. Topics discussed include safety, cultural adaptation, program expectations, flight/logistical arrangements, and scholarship opportunities.  The re-entry meeting covers adding skills to your resume and how to discuss your experience in an interview setting.  Mark your calendar for the following mandatory meetings:
  1. Friday, March 29, 9 AM-12 PM
  2. Friday, April 19, 1-4 PM
  3. TBD, September 2024 (Re-entry meeting)
Course Selection Students select a total of two courses (one per term) in either Terms 1 & 2 or Terms 2 &3 for a total of six credits, plus two backup courses in case of scheduling conflicts.  List the four courses in order of highest preference to lowest preference on the Credits Form.


2024 Course information
Term 1 (July 1-14) Term 2 (July 15-28) Term 3 (July 29-August 11)
  1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence = 3000 ISM elective
  2. Operations Management = MAN3504
  3. Business Communication and Storytelling = 3/4000 GEB elective
  4. Social Psychology = SOP3004 Social Psychology
  5. Geopolitics, Globalization and Business = 3/4000 ECO elective
  6. Innovation Management (Graduate) = 6000 MAN elective
  7. Leadership (Graduate) = 6000 MAN elective
  1. Machine Learning = 3/4000 ISM elective
  2. Marketing Practice through Smart Data = MAR4615
  3. Corporate Finance = FIN3403
  4. Design Thinking = 3/4000 GEB elective
  5. Digital Marketing = MAR4721
  6. Behavioural Economics = 3/4000 ECO elective
  7. Data and Decision Making (Graduate) = ECO6415
  1. Operations Management = MAN3504
  2. Intro to Artificial Intelligence = 3000 ISM elective
  3. Consumer Behavior = MAR4503
  4. Innovation Management (Graduate) = 6000 MAN elective

Note: These courses are subject to change. Students should be sure they have enough flexibility in their degree evaluations to use alternative courses if their preferred selections are not available. 


Costs and payment information
Participants Up to 10 UNF undergraduate or graduate students who meet course prerequisites

Students pay all costs, excluding tuition, directly to ZSEM, hotels, airlines, etc.  It is estimated that, excluding tuition and personal travel, the program will cost somewhere around $3,000:

  • Lodging for the program dates
  • International health insurance for the program dates
  • ZSEM program fee (scroll to "Tuition fees", select "Two or More Terms", "Partners Fee" column: 1,350 Euros)
  • Airfare
  • Meals

Additionally, students must pay for six credits of UNF summer tuition and fees.  See our payment process page for more information.

UNF Contact International Business, Building 42, Room 1104,
ZSEM Contact Ms. Liyuan Tan:

Map: Zagreb School of Economics and Management in Croatia

Filipa Vukasovića 1, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia