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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much are the registration fees and what do they cover?

    The current fee is $150 per ensemble. Registration fees help to offset the costs associated with organizing and administering the festival (i.e. awards, equipment, supplies, personnel, and facilities). 

    Online payments are preferred. Please pay here:

    If mailing a payment, send to:

    Koger/Matteson Jazz Festival
    School of Music
    University of North Florida
    1 UNF Drive Jacksonville, FL 32224

    Checks should be made payable to: Koger/Matteson Jazz Festival

  • What information do I need to provide before the festival day?
    You should register and send registration fees by the deadline.

    Please send the following information via email no later than 7 days prior to the festival.
    • Title
    • Composer / Arranger
    • Soloists (we want to be able to recognize some students in the awards ceremony, so this information is crucial)
    • A stage diagram of your band setup will be extremely helpful to the stage crew
    Each ensemble will receive a certificate of participation in the festival. Additional awards will be given for Outstanding Soloists (saxophone, trumpet, trombone, rhythm), Outstanding Section (saxophone, trumpet, trombone, rhythm) and Outstanding Musician of the day.

    Outstanding Music Student

    "In conjunction with The Koger/Matteson Jazz Festival at the University of North Florida, the board of The Rich Matteson Foundation would like to present an award to the most improved (or most dedicated, most helpful) music student in your band for the year 2018-2019. The Foundation would like you to select the student from your band to receive this award. You will present the award on behalf of The Rich Matteson Foundation at the end of your performance at the jazz festival. The Rich Matteson Foundation hopes that this award will be an inspiration to your students that have worked so hard during the school year to improve their musical talent. Thank you for your hard work and dedication throughout the year to prepare your band to participate in The Koger/Matteson Jazz Festival." - Mikki Matteson

    Please select a student to receive the Outstanding Music Student award. You do not have to send this to me, but you should be prepared to announce this after your performance on the day of the festival. You may also accept the award and announce the student recipient at a later date (i.e. band banquet) if you prefer.
  • What should I bring on the day of the festival?
    You will need to bring 3 scores (1 for each judge) for each of your selections. Copies are okay with publisher permission(s). Please bring a USB Flash Drive so we can transfer the judges comments (audio) to you. If this is not possible or if you prefer, links will be provided (DropBox, iCloud, OneDrive, etc.) so that you can download audio files onto your device(s). We will also have a recording of your school's festival performances that will be provided via links as well.
  • What equipment will UNF provide on the day of the festival?
    We will provide the following:
    • one grand piano
    • one guitar amp
    • one bass amp
    • basic drum set (minus cymbals and hi-hat clutch)
    • congas (one set)
    • vibraphone
    • chairs, music stands, saxophone stand fronts, risers, microphones, monitors, etc.
    You need to bring your own keyboards (if needed), guitars, basses, cables, cymbals, hi-hat clutch, and other miscellaneous auxiliary percussion equipment. You should consider bringing an extra kick drum pedal and hi-hat pedal in case something breaks down or gets misplaced. Also, if you have several guitarists and/or bassists, you should bring extra amps.
  • What time should I arrive?
    You should arrive early enough to park, unload, check in, and be in the warm-up room 20 minutes prior to your performance slot. You are welcome and encouraged to arrive as early as possible to hear other bands and the featured clinicians.
  • Where can I park on the day of the festival?

    You will be contacted by UNF's Fine Arts Center and Parking Services for information regarding the location for bus parking.

    Interactive Map

    ​University of North Florida
    Fine Arts Center, Building 45
    1 UNF Drive Jacksonville, FL 32224

  • Are meals provided?
    Meals are not provided by the festival; however, you there are many dining options on campus. The St. Johns Town Center is less than 2 miles from campus and is your best choice for dining off-campus.