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College of Arts and Sciences
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Department of Mathematics & Statistics

UNF is a great place to become immersed in mathematics and statistics. Classes are small, professors challenge students in class and are readily available outside of class, faculty are actively engaged in scholarship, students have opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities, and the department strives for excellence.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers a Bachelor of Arts (with concentrations in Mathematics and Statistics), a Bachelor of Science (with concentrations in Mathematics, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Actuarial Science, and Discrete Analysis), a Masters of Science (with concentrations in Mathematics and Statistics), and a Graduate Certificate of Applied Mathematics.

Our undergraduate major courses prepare students for careers in both disciplines as well as for graduate work. Our Master's Program and Graduate Certificate open the door to attractive employment options and further graduate work at the doctoral level.

Students will find a fine selection of introductory experiences. Our General Education courses come in two flavors. Pre-professionals should choose from MAC's and STA's, while Liberal Arts majors should look to MGF1106, MGF1107 and STA2014. Students at all levels are welcome to the world of Mathematics and Statistics.


The mission of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics is to provide an excellent education for students in mathematics and statistics, to focus scholarly efforts on expanding our knowledge of those two disciplines, and to participate in activities that promote mathematics and statistics in relevant ways. Our programs are designed to provide majors and graduate students with the background necessary to pursue quantitative careers in mathematics or statistics as well as the background to pursue more advanced degrees. We also strive to provide students in General Education mathematics courses with substantive skills in quantitative and abstract reasoning and in the use of mathematics and statistics as computational and analytical tools.

Our courses are designed to educate in an appealing and thought-provoking manner. We strive to instill our students with an appreciation for the power of mathematics and statistics as well as a desire to be lifelong learners. Department faculty are encouraged to engage in research projects that either yield new results in their areas of expertise or that apply to problems of interest to scholars in other disciplines. Department faculty are also encouraged to be involved in meaningful professional service to the university and the disciplines regionally, nationally, and internationally. In addition, all of our endeavors are subject to self-reflection in an effort to maximize their effectiveness.