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Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice

The Department of Criminology & Criminal Justice seeks to provide its students the theoretical, practical and ethical foundations necessary for understanding crime and the criminal justice system in its social context while developing new knowledge through faculty scholarship. Through study of the legal, social, and political processes of social control, students examine law making, crime and deviance, issues of social and racial justice, societal responses to law violation, and the effectiveness of various crime prevention and punishment strategies. Participation in research and internships further prepares students to apply their knowledge directly in the field, to develop critical thinking necessary for democratic citizenship, and to undertake policy development and implementation. Students at the graduate level receive advanced instruction in methodology and theory, work directly with faculty on research and writing projects, and are encouraged to pursue doctoral studies. Crime and punishment are complex social processes involving sometimes controversial issues. Rigorous training in social science research methods and theory form the backbone of the Department's academic process. The faculty is also committed to serving the diverse communities in which they live and work.