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College of Arts and Sciences

Vision, Goals and Profile



The College of Arts and Sciences at the University of North Florida distinguishes itself through its commitment to the success of students, faculty, and staff. We foster a diverse environment centered on critical thinking and creative discovery for the benefit of the individual and the advancement of society. Building on a commitment to academic freedom, humility, humanity, and integrity, our high quality educational programs, research, and creative activities lead to national and international recognition.


Goal 1: Student Success

The College of Arts and Sciences equips students with the expertise, experience, and confidence necessary to face the opportunities and challenges of a changing workplace and evolving society. Through innovative approaches to learning and career preparation, the College supports students from enrollment to employment.

Goal 2: Research and Creative Activities

The College of Arts and Sciences produces high quality and innovative research and creative activities focusing on publications in respected and premier journals and presses, research grants from prestigious foundations and endowments, memberships in leading academies, curations and performances in partnership with prominent organizations, as well as other professional and community-based outcomes demonstrating national leadership. In this way, the College contributes to the University’s goal of achieving High Research Activity (R2) status in the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Learning.

Goal 3: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The College of Arts and Sciences attracts and retains a vibrant and diverse group of students, faculty, and staff that reflect the society in which we live. It creates a culture of inclusion and collaboration where all are respected and resources are shared to maximize impact on the university community and beyond. The College believes that all students deserve an equal opportunity to experience the power of success in higher education.

Goal 4: Holistic Education

The College of Arts and Sciences provides a holistic education centered on creative discovery, critical thinking, communication, and cultural competence that is essential to courageous citizenship and an enriched life.

Goal 5: Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Experiential Learning

The College of Arts and Sciences advances disciplinary/interdisciplinary and undergraduate/graduate education, research, and creative activities by taking advantage of new and enhanced technologies, laboratories, and performance facilities. The College is a national leader in experiential learning, including study-abroad activities, student-faculty research experiences, and internships.

Goal 6: Community Engagement

The College of Arts and Sciences engages in meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships with the greater Jacksonville community and beyond. With the generosity of the community and alumni, these relationships forge a lasting impact on UNF and our students through the exchange of knowledge and resources in the spirit of cooperation and reciprocity.

The College of Arts and Sciences believes that the success and well-being of our faculty and staff are central to the achievement of the goals above. The College is committed to creating a transparent, respectful, and productive climate that enhances the development of our faculty and staff.


The College of Arts and Sciences is the largest of the five colleges at the University of North Florida. It provides instruction in the liberal arts, the intellectual foundation for the applied curricula of the four professionally-oriented colleges. Instructional responsibilities for the college's almost 300 faculty members extend from the lower level general education program, through diverse majors for undergraduates, to a variety of graduate programs. The College consists of fifteen academic departments and houses a variety of centers and programs.

COAS Strategic Plan

With UNF's new Strategic Plan, the College of Arts and Sciences is going through the Strategic Planning process. Dr. Josh Gellers from PSPA will Chair the COAS Strategic Planning Task Force and lead this effort. Visit our website to learn more about the process and opportunities to provide ideas, thoughts and opportunities. View our Strategic Planning efforts here