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About the School of Music


The School of Music brings a focused commitment to excellence and the artistic and intellectual preparation of music students. Supporting the UNF Mission of being a hub for talent development, relevant research, and community engagement, the School of Music aims to attract talented students and provide them with a high level of professional musical training that is relevant to musicians pursuing musical careers in the 21st Century. The UNF School of Music faculty, excellent instructors evidenced by their innovative pedagogy, scholarship, and research in their respective fields, serve as artist-teachers working with students in large and small performing ensembles as well as through individual applied instruction. Our comprehensive program is complemented by the Ira M. Koger Eminent Scholar Chair in American Music that provides an additional focus on jazz. The School of Music continues to achieve national and international recognition as a distinguished comprehensive center for the study, creation, and research in music.

The School of Music provides music majors and non-music majors alike the opportunity to develop their knowledge, understanding, and ability in all aspects of music at a level relevant and appropriate to their needs and interests, and to prepare music majors for careers as performers, teachers, composers, arrangers, and professionals in the music industry and its supporting fields. Our students experience transformational learning opportunities through international study abroad programs, interaction with world class guest artists and community-based performance and pedagogical programs. Our mission focuses on delivering outstanding academic and artistic education, equipping students for professional success in music. In showcasing the work of our students and faculty, we aspire to enrich community life and serve as a vital link between the University and the broader community. Building on this mission, we have identified the following goals to guide our efforts.

The Undergraduate Program

The School of Music provides instruction leading to accredited Bachelor's degrees in Music Performance, Jazz Studies and Music Education. Coursework in music degree programs begins in the freshman year and culminates in the senior year with a final recital spanning the knowledge and skill gained throughout the program of study. The School of Music offers specialized admissions programs. Students who wish to pursue a degree in music must successfully pass a music audition for entrance into a music degree program and must maintain both the academic and musical performance standards to remain as a music major. This includes academic record, ensemble participation, and successful completion of semester performance jury examinations.

The Graduate Program

The School of Music offers Master's Degrees in Jazz Studies, Music Education, Performance, and Conducting. The Master of Music degrees are 36 credit hours with a two-year residency. These degrees provide students the opportunity to develop skills as performers and conductors while working with an internationally recognized faculty and excellent ensembles. The conducting program is well suited to students who have completed Bachelor's Degrees in Music Performance and Music Education. Classes are scheduled to allow music educators, and other music professionals in Northeast Florida to pursue the degree while maintaining full-time employment.

The Major

After auditioning and being accepted by the music faculty, the student must select a degree track as a music major. Offerings include a Bachelor of Music in Performance (with concentrations in Voice, Strings, Piano, Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion and Music Technology and Production), Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies, and Bachelor of Music Education. Each degree consists of a unique program of study that should be followed in order to complete sequential course offerings and to complete degree requirements. A music major receiving a "C" or below in applied music will be placed on probation and will be required to repeat the course. A music major receiving a "D" or below in a non-applied music course will be placed on probation and will be required to repeat the course. All music courses can only be repeated once while on probation. Should a student not make satisfactory progress in any music course after being placed on probation, the student will be expelled from the program. Conduct not deemed appropriate is also grounds for probation and dismissal. The probation period is one subsequent semester. All majors must fulfill the University's general education requirements and the College of Arts and Sciences graduation requirements. The minimum total hours required for all four-year degrees is 120 credit hours.

Approved Minors in Music

At this time the School of Music does not offer a music minor, however, we offer certificates in Conducting, Choral Conducting, Music Performance, Music Technology and Production. Interested students may also enroll in a variety of music courses for general education or elective credit. Music ensembles are also available for audition and enrollment in both the classical and jazz areas. For more ensemble information contact the School of Music at (904) 620-2961 or visit



National Association of Schools of Music Accreditation
The University of North Florida is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM). 

NASM can be contacted at:

11250 Roger Bacon Drive, Suite 21
Reston, VA 20190-5248
(703) 437-0700