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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I become a Music Major?
    Prospective students must apply to the University of North Florida and also complete and submit the UNF School of Music application found within the application portal. For the graduate program, please complete the graduate program application and submit the required materials. To be considered for entrance, you must also apply to the University of North Florida and receive acceptance. Once the School of Music admission application has been received, prospective students will receive an email from the Admissions Coordinator with an audition time, 2-3 weeks prior to the audition date selected on their application. Prospective students who have not received an audition time a week prior to their desired audition date should contact the music office at (904) 620‐2961.
  • I play multiple instruments. Can I audition for more than one?
    Yes. Students are encouraged to pick a primary instrument of study but can receive instruction and; participate in ensembles on multiple instruments if they qualify and space is available.
  • I’m not sure what major I want to choose. Should I start out in music or transfer to music once I decide?
    Start as a music major. The music programs have several freshman and sophomore sequential classes that must be taken to advance. Students can always transfer out of music without getting behind but have difficulty "catching up" if they start in another area.
  • Are music scholarships available?
    Yes. The UNF School of Music offers several different music scholarships based on music auditions and departmental performance needs. Music majors have first priority for music scholarships, however, non-music majors may also be awarded scholarships to participate in ensembles as needed. To be considered for scholarships, prospective students must visit Foundation Scholarships and complete the Data Consent Sharing Form.
  • Can I minor in Music?
    The UNF School of Music currently does not offer a Minor in Music. However, there are several music courses that non-majors can take in addition to participation in music ensembles.
  • Can I participate in a music ensemble if I am not a music major?
    Yes. Several ensembles are available including Concert Band and Pep Band without audition. To participate, register for the ensemble as a class. For Chorale, Men’s Chorus and Osprey Treble Chorus, there is a simple voice placement audition after which you can register for the ensemble as a class. Other ensembles such as Wind Symphony, Orchestra, Percussion Ensemble, Chamber Singers and our Jazz Ensembles require an audition. Auditions are held during the first week of the academic year. Contact the music office at (904) 620-2961 for the audition schedule.
  • Can I take lessons from music faculty if I am not a music major?
    Yes. If the faculty member has availability in their teaching load, you may be given permission (on a case-by-case basis) to enroll in applied lessons. However, you must also participate in a large ensemble to be eligible for lessons.
  • Does UNF have a Marching Band?
    No. No football team = no marching band. However, we do have athletic pep bands that perform at sporting events and stdents receive an automatic scholarship for participation.
  • Can I register for Music Technology and Production courses without majoring in music?
    Yes. These courses are open to non-music majors. The UNF School of Music also offers a certificate in Music Technology and Production.