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Health and Safety

Health and Safety for Musicians

Health and Wellness concerns for musicians apply to all music faculty, staff, and students. Hearing concerns, vocal health, and muscle injury are an everyday part of the music profession.  Musicians must take an active role in making informed decisions to help maintain their own health, safety, and wellness.

The School of Music at the University of North Florida provides for the benefit of our students, faculty, and staff information regarding best practices in health and wellness for musicians. In addition to the material provided on this page and the linked resources, information will be presented periodically each academic year as part of the MUS1010  Performance Laboratory course, applied lessons, masterclasses and special events. If you have specific questions or concerns regarding injuries or other music-related health issues, ask your applied instructor or ensemble director for assistance and additional resources. 


Topics relating to health and wellness for musicians include, but are not limited to: 

The information on this webpage is advisory in nature. It is not a substitute for professional, medical judgments and should not be used as a basis for medical treatment. If you are concerned about your hearing or think you may have suffered hearing loss, or if you have a major or persistent injury, consult a licensed medical professional. You can also seek information, advice, and/or treatment from UNF's Student Health Services or the UNF Counseling Center.

NOTE: Health and safety depend in large part on the personal decisions of informed individuals. Institutions have health and wellness responsibilities, but fulfillment of these responsibilities cannot and will not ensure any specific individual’s health and safety. Too many factors beyond any institution’s control are involved. Individuals have a critically important role and each is personally responsible for avoiding risk and preventing injuries to themselves before, during, and after study or employment at any institution.