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UNF Registration and Course Planning Tool

UNF offers a robust system for you to plan future schedules and register for your classes smarter and faster! The UNF Registration and Course Planning System allows you and your advisor to create up to 10 future course plans and choose the one that best fits your needs. This intuitive system helps to keep you on track towards graduation!

Registration and Course Planning system FAQ

Registration Time Tickets

Your registration time ticket indicates the specific date and time you can register for classes via the UNF Registration and Course Planning Tool. Time ticket assignments are generally issued 1-2 weeks before registration begins for the next term. Registration time ticket assignments are based on your current number of earned credit hours and does not include any courses for which you are currently enrolled, but have not yet earned a grade. Registration time ticket assignments are not impacted by student classification (senior, junior, sophomore, freshman) as the programming that assigns registration time tickets will only consider your total number of earned credit hours at the time the registration time ticket is issued.

Refer to the Academic Calendar for the date registration time tickets are issued. To locate your registration time ticket:

  • Log in to myWings
  • Select the Registration tile
  • Locate your time ticket start and end dates under the corresponding registration term

Students admitted to UNF in the following programs will be assigned a registration time ticket during Open Registration: Teacher Certification, Teacher Certification - Renewal, CPA, On Campus Transition, and English Language Program. Refer to the Academic Calendar for the Open Registration date for your admission term.

Non-degree seeking Post Baccalaureate students, Learning for a Lifetime students, or students who recently graduated from UNF but have not broken continuous enrollment will be assigned a registration time ticket for the Space Available registration date. This registration date is generally the last business day before classes begin for the term. Refer to the Academic Calendar for the specific Senior Citizen/Space Available Registration date.


Students should exercise care in registration to avoid the necessity of schedule changes after classes have begun. During a registration period through the last day of add/drop, classes may be added or dropped from a student's schedule. Adds and drops may be completed via the myWings portal or in person at One-Stop Student Services. Courses officially dropped during the add/drop period will not be entered on a student's permanent record and a refund will be generated. Courses scheduled to meet for the first time after add/drop ends may be dropped the next business day only in One-Stop Student Services. Tuition and fee payment is still due on the regular deadline for all classes.

A final grade of "F" is assigned if a student discontinues attendance in a course without officially dropping or withdrawing.

Non-attendance does not guarantee a student will be dropped from a class. Students are fee liable for all courses for which they register unless they drop the course. Students must drop themselves from all courses they do not want to take.

Download Registration Instructions

Course Waitlist

If you try to register for a course that is full with no seats available in the class, you will receive a Registration Add Error indicating the course is closed. If seats are available, consider adding yourself to the course waitlist.

  • Once you try to add the course to your term schedule, the course will display as closed under the Registration Add Error indicator.
  • Use the Action drop-down menu to select Waitlisted
  • Submit changes
  • Once the page refreshes, the course will be listed under your Current Schedule with a status of Waitlisted

IMPORTANT: If you no longer wish to be on the waitlist for a course, it is your responsibility to drop the waitlisted course from your schedule. Follow the above Add/Drop Classes instructions to drop the course before the deadline to drop classes for the term. This deadline is posted on the Academic Calendar.

Learn more about Course Waitlists

Late Registration

Students registering for the first time for a given semester during add/drop week will be assessed a Late Registration fee of $100. Any student who late registers after add/drop week will be assessed a Late Registration fee as well. Students can only receive one Late Registration fee per semester, so if more than one class is added, only one fee will be assessed.

Students are not permitted to add a course after the add/drop period unless there are unusual circumstances clearly beyond the student's control. When such a case exists, the student must complete and have approved a Request for Late Registration / Course Transfer form. A late registration fee of $100 will be added to the student's account for late registration. A late payment fee of $100 may also be assessed. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the completed form is received and processed in One-Stop Student Services before the deadline noted on the Academic Calendar.

After the deadline to late register for classes, students must submit a Student Petition of Academic Policy, supported by proper documentation, to petition to late register for a course.

Course Transfer

Students may request to transfer from one course to another beginning after the add/drop period ends for the term and before the Late Registration / Course Transfer deadline noted on the Academic Calendar. Course transfers may be utilized only to transfer to a course with the same number of credit hours as the original course. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the completed form is received and processed in One-Stop Student Services before the deadline noted on the Academic Calendar.

 Download the Request for Late Registration/Course Transfer form 

Course Withdrawal

Once the deadline to add or drop classes passes for the term, you can no longer drop yourself from a course. Removing yourself from the course will result in a course withdrawal, which will be reflected on your academic record. We encourage you to speak to your academic advisor before withdrawing from a course. Withdrawing from classes can impact your financial aid for the current term and future terms. 

The deadline to withdraw is posted on the Academic Calendar. If an unusual circumstance prevented you from withdrawing prior to the deadline, you may be able to petition to withdraw after the deadline. You will also remain fee liable for any withdrawn courses. If you feel extenuating circumstances result in your need to withdraw, you may file a Student Fee Petition. Withdrawing from courses may also impact you in the areas of the state-mandated Repeat Surcharge and Excess Hours Surcharge.

Learn more about all Course Withdrawals

Registering in Audit Grade Mode

The University of North Florida allows students to audit classes if students indicate at the time of registration that they wish to audit the course rather than register for credit. Any change in status from credit to audit or audit to credit must be made before the close of drop/add. Please note that some classes are not able to be taken in audit grade mode. Fees for auditing classes are the same as enrolling for credit and are non-refundable. Courses will appear on the student's permanent academic record (transcript) with an "X" indicator.

View detailed instructions on how to register in audit grade mode.

Learning for a Lifetime

The LFL program allows Florida resident senior citizen to audit college-level courses with tuition fees waived. 

Learn more about the Lifetime Learner Program