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The Graduate School

Health Administration (MHA)


The Master of Health Administration (MHA) is designed to meet the educational needs of men and women interested in assuming administrative and management positions in the healthcare industry. The MHA is a 45 (minimum) credit degree program, which consists of Brooks College of Health core courses, including a one 3-hour elective.

Program Opportunities

The MHA program offers opportunities to gain hands-on experience and transformational learning with the delivery and financing of health care in other countries through study abroad opportunities. The program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Health Management Education (CAHME).

MHA students have the opportunity to learn and interact with some of the nation's largest health care organizations. Jacksonville is home to Mayo Clinic, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, Baptist Health, HCA Memorial, St Vincent's Hospital, to name a few who provide a wide variety of internship and employment options. Each MHA student will earn their official Lean Competency System (LCS) Certification 1C Green Belt equivalent and training in Human Centered Design, sponsored by Guidewell/FloridaBlue.

Program Contact

Dr. Rob Haley

Graduate Program Director
Building 39, Room 4039
(904) 620-4016

Application Deadlines

Fall August 1
Summer April 15

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Admission Requirements

The below Program Requirements, University Requirements, and International Applicant Requirements*, if applicable, must be submitted no later than the deadline posted above. Incomplete applications or those with required materials post-marked after the deadline are subject to cancellation. Once an application has been canceled, the decision cannot be reversed.

*International students must be fully admitted to a full-time, on-campus, in-person, degree-seeking program at the University of North Florida. Please contact the International Center for more information.

  • Specific Requirements
    • Resume
      • Education
      • Work experience
      • Honors and/or memberships in school, profession and service organizations
    • Letter of intent
      • 2-3 page personal statement
      • Describe reasons for seeking degree in Health Administration;
      • Career objectives;
      • Any other information you feel is pertinent to your admissions
    • Two letters of recommendation
    • GRE Waiver Option 
      • Applicants that feel they qualify for one of the waiver options below will need to email the Graduate Program Director at with a statement identifying how you qualify for a GRE waiver. If approved for a waiver, the Graduate Program Director will notify the Graduate School.
        • GRE waiver options: 
          • Applicants with an earned bachelor's in a health administration discipline from a US accredited institution with at least a 3.0 GPA in the last 60 credit hours from an accepted institutional accreditor.
          • Students with an earned bachelor's degree with at least a 3.0 GPA in the last 60 credit hours
          • Applicants with an earned advanced degree (defined as a Master Degree at the minimum) from an accepted institutional accreditor.
      • Applicants not qualifying for a GRE waiver may be admitted based upon a composite score consisting of an index formula that includes both the last 60 undergraduate hours GPA, and test score (taken within the last 5 years) from either GRE (minimum of 300) or GMAT (minimum of a 470). Based upon an evaluation of the applicants' transcripts, the UNF MHA Program will determine the accepted student's program of study.  
        • The appropriate formulaic score for admission is as follows:
          • GRE: (200 x GPA) + GRE total score = 900 or higher
          • GMAT: (200 x GPA*) + GMAT total score = 1070 or higher
      • Applicants failing to qualify for admission as defined in the above options may be considered for provisional acceptance by the MHA Program. Provisional acceptances are at the discretion of the MHA Program and are considered after a complete evaluation that may include the following:
        • A required interview and any additional information as requested by the MHA Program,
        • Experience in the healthcare industry,
        • An evaluation of the applicants' transcripts,
        • Provisionally admitted MHA students must remain in good academic standing (overall UNF Graduate Program GPA above a 3.00) throughout their course of study at UNF
    • A GPA of 3.0 or higher in all work attempted in the last 60 credit hours of undergraduate study

    The UNF MHA Program embraces holistic admission practices by considering multiple sources of information when making an admission decision, including a statement of interest, recommendation letters, academic transcripts and test scores. All admission materials are reviewed and while no one item is determined to be the sole indicator of academic potential, the Committee will focus on the academic rigor of an applicant’s curriculum and their ability to successfully convey that they are prepared for graduate education.
  • Program Prerequisites

    No specific undergraduate major is required. However, applicants are expected to have completed the following courses, or their equivalent:

    • Principles of Financial Accounting
    • Statistics

    Applicants who have not completed the required prerequisites may be considered as a provisional acceptance until the prerequisites are complete, no later than the first semester of admittance. Provisional admit applicants who fail to complete their prerequisites will be dismissed from the program.
  • Application and Application Fee

    All applicants are required to use our online system to create an account and submit an application. The application opens approximately one year in advance and is only good for the term and program in which it is submitted. Applicants who have submitted their application and wish to change their admission term or major/concentration may submit a new application and associated application fee. If you would like to cancel an open application, please contact us.

    A $30 (USD) application fee is required regardless of previous enrollment. The application fee is non-refundable and cannot be waived. Undergraduate application fees cannot be used for a graduate application, and vise versa. The application fee must be submitted prior to the review of an application.
  • College Transcripts

    All applicants must provide transcripts from a U.S. institution accredited by an accepted institutional accreditor or its equivalent from a non-US institution that awarded the bachelor’s degree and master’s degree, if applicable, and transcripts from institutions where any post-baccalaureate and/or graduate credits were earned.

    All international transcripts will require a course-by-course evaluation by an approved third-party credential evaluation agency unless a graduate program has established an alternative credential evaluation procedure that is approved by the graduate school. To be accepted, the evaluation must be:

    1. Translated to English and be the U.S. equivalent
    2. Evaluated course-by-course
    3. Include the overall academic GPA
    4. Be from an approved third-party accredited evaluation service. Recommended evaluation agencies: 
    Important Notes
    • The UNF Graduate School cannot request transcripts on an applicants behalf.
    • Unofficial transcript copies are accepted for admissions but must clearly state the institution name, student name, course information, terms, grades, and credits. Degree audits are not accepted. Admitted students will be prompted to provide official transcripts. 
    • If currently enrolled in courses, an incomplete transcript must be submitted before the posted deadline. 
    • Applicants who also have to apply through systems such as ATCAS or PTCAS, must submit separate transcripts to UNF. 
    • When requesting college transcripts, please verify with your institution(s) whether or not they are able to submit electronic transcripts in the proper EDI format. Institutions can submit transcripts via e-mail to from an approved vendor such as ScriptSafe, Credentials, or Parchment. 
    • Former or current UNF students should not request UNF transcripts. After application submission, the UNF requirement will be updated to a "waived" status.
    • If prompted to submit official transcripts they must meet the following requirements to be considered official:
      • Must be less than one year old from the date of printing
      • Must be submitted in a sealed envelope from your institution, or emailed through official electronic means.
  • Where do I send transcripts and test scores?
    UNF Graduate School
    1 UNF Drive
    Jacksonville, FL 32224




    Test Score Institutional Codes
    GRE: institutional code 5490
    GMAT: institutional code CF3QB51
  • Deadlines and Documents

    The immigration processing deadline is for international students who are required to submit documents for immigration processing. While these deadlines are not mandatory, it is encouraged to submit all documents for immigration by the dates below to ensure timely visa processing. Please direct questions to the International Center.

    Fall...........May 1
    Spring......October 1
    Summer...February 1

    According to U.S. immigration regulations, F-1/J-1 students cannot pursue online degree programs, part-time enrollment, or certificate programs. Therefore, the University of North Florida is not allowed to issue F-1/J-1 student immigration documents to these applicants. Immigration documents can only be issued for students who are fully admitted to a full-time, on-campus, in-person, degree-seeking program. Please contact the International Center for more information.

    Programs on the list of F-1 Non-Qualifying Degree Programs are not eligible for F-1 status. Therefore, students admitted to a program on that list will not be issued a Form I-20. This list is subject to change. Please contact the International Center for more information.

    If you have a scholarship which requires you to be enrolled in face-to-face (in-person) classes each semester, contact the Graduate Program Director for more information regarding availability of face-to-face (in-person) classes.

    UNF International Center
    1 UNF Drive 
    Jacksonville , FL 32224-2659

    Telephone: (904) 620-2657 
    Fax: (904) 620-3925
  • English Language Proficiency

    All applicants, except those from countries where English is the only official language, are required to show proof of satisfactory evidence that the applicant's competency in English is adequate. Applicants whose native language is not English must meet one of the following requirements of English Language Proficiency:

    • Indicators of Required English Language Proficiency for Foreign Applicants
    • The Duolingo English Test is an acceptable indicator of English proficiency. An overall score of 110 is recommended for admission. Individual programs may require higher scores and all sub scores will be considered.
    • Minimum score on the GRE Verbal Test based on a specific program’s GRE minimum scores will also satisfy the English language proficiency requirement.
  • Affidavit of Financial Support and Bank Certification

    The Affidavit is a legal document which is signed by the sponsor (the person who will be providing the funds) stating the amount of funds that she/he will provide for the educational expenses of the student applicant and then certified by a bank official that the sponsor does have that amount of funds in their account. This form represents an obligation on the part of the sponsor to provide the required amount of funds as indicated on the form. Please review the Estimated Costs of Attendance for International Students to determine the amount of funds needed to be written on the Affidavit.

    All documentation and immigration inquiries should be sent to the UNF International Center.
  • Immunization Documentation Form and Health Insurance

    All students at UNF are required to demonstrate that they either have been vaccinated or have immunity against measles and rubella. If students wish to resolve this requirement before they arrive, they will need to have their physician complete and then sign and stamp the Immunization Documentation Form. Students may obtain the needed immunizations once they arrive in Florida. In no case may students register for or attend classes until they have met this requirement.

    The State of Florida requires proof of medical insurance which meets a minimum standard as a prerequisite to registration. Health insurance coverage can be purchased through the UNF Student Health Services upon arrival. If a student wishes to request that UNF accept a different insurance policy, the insurance company must fax a completed, signed, and stamped UNF Student Health Services International Student Health Insurance Evaluation Form indicating that the alternate insurance policy meets all minimal requirements as outlined. Students may not register for classes until the health insurance requirement is met. 

    Please send all documentation or direct health inquiries to Student Health Services.

Graduate Cost Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate the cost of tuition and fees for a graduate program.
This is only an estimation. Additional fees may apply.


  1. Select the appropriate rate and residency classification. Please note:
    • The exclusive tuition rate is only available to eligible students.
    • Residency classification is not guaranteed. Supporting documentation is requested after students are admitted from applicants who indicated they would like to apply for Florida residency for tuition purposes on their admissions application.
  2. Type the number of credit hours you would like to calculate. Most graduate courses are 3 credit hours. The total number of program credits is listed above under Program At-a-Glance.

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