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The Graduate School

Tuition Waivers

UNF offers several waivers that may help offset the cost of tuition. Contact the Graduate School at if you have any questions.


Tuition waivers for graduate students are available through several mechanisms. However, waivers are limited and can be highly competitive with specified criteria as described under each waiver tab. Students are encouraged to make a financial plan to pay for graduate school which may include federal student loans, institutional aid and/or external funding. Paying for College Tips and our Cost Calculator are helpful planning resources. We strongly recommend contacting the Office of Financial Aid for additional information.

Graduate Assistantship Waivers

Students that hold a graduate assistantship position may be eligible for an in-state and/or out-of-state tuition waiver. Most graduate programs have a limited number of Graduate Assistantships that include out-of-state, partial in-state, and/or full in-state tuition waivers.


To be eligible for the waiver(s), students must meet the all of the requirements for each waiver:

  • In-state tuition waiver (awarded to select graduate students; not all positions are eligible)
    • Be an active degree-seeking graduate student
    • Hired at a minimum of 10 hours per week as a graduate assistant, graduate teaching assistant, or graduate research assistant 
    • Position must meet minimum stipend requirements
  • Out-of-state tuition waiver
    • Be an active degree-seeking graduate student
    • Be classified as an out-of-state resident for tuition purposes
    • Hired at a minimum of 10 hours per week as a graduate assistant, distance learning coach graduate assistant, graduate teaching assistant, or graduate research assistant

Important Waiver Information

  • Waiver is only applied towards graduate level tuition
  • ​​​​​​​Fees* are not covered
    • *Portion of the out-of-state financial aid fee is covered with an out-of-state waiver
  • Students are liable for tuition not covered by the waiver(s), and fees
  • In-state tuition waiver is determined from the position hours and is pro-rated based on enrollment of up to nine (9) graduate credit hours
  • Waiver is only good for the semesters during which the student is employed
  • Eligibility requirements must be maintained throughout the semester
  • If the position is terminated or the student withdraws from courses before the final deadline to withdraw from the term in which the position is held, the waiver will be adjusted accordingly. This may result in an outstanding balance being owed. Refer to the Academic Calendar for the final withdrawal deadline.
  • Student's are required to contact us if enrollment changes after the date the waiver was applied

Waiver Processing

Waivers are processed when the electronic Personnel Action Form (ePAF) is received and approved by the Graduate School. An email notice is sent to the student when the waiver is processed. It takes 1-3 business days for the waiver to credit to the student bill. Students who are expecting a waiver should consider a payment plan if it has not posted within 3-5 business days of the payment deadline.

Each college's Dean's Office will notify the Graduate School which students are in-state tuition waiver eligible. Please speak with your hiring department if you have questions regarding your in-state tuition waiver eligibility.

Out-of-state tuition waiver does not require college notification and will be applied to all students that meet the above eligibility requirements.

Across State Lines Achievement Waiver

The Across State Lines Achievement Waiver (ASLAW) is an out-of-state (OOS) tuition waiver used by the colleges to recruit high achieving graduate students from states outside of Florida. Interested applicants should speak with their Graduate Program Director for more information. 


To be eligible for the waiver, students must meet the all of the following requirements:

    1. Classified as a U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien, and as a non-Florida resident for tuition purposes;
    2. Admitted summer 2024 forward to a program in which tuition and fees are assessed at the standard graduate rate; and
    3. Meet at least one of the following criteria: an admit GPA of at least a 3.5, Program of Strategic Emphasis, and/or having a Special Talent (e.g., music) as determined by college needs.

map of US with all states gray except Florida which is aqua

Out-of-State Tuition Waiver for Fellowships

Waiver Request Form

Eligibility and Processing

To be eligible for the waiver, students must meet the all of the following requirements:

  1. Be a graduate student whose in-state tuition is fully covered by a fellowship for the term in which the fellowship is requested
  2. Be classified as an out-of-state resident for tuition purposes 

The program director, department chair, or program administrator must complete the above Waiver Request Form and send to the Graduate School no later than the final withdrawal deadline of the award term. The form will need submitted each term the student is eligible for the waiver.

Other Waiver Opportunities

The UNF Student Financial Services Office offers multiple waivers. Check them out today!