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UNF offering Coding Bootcamp to help community get high-paying software jobs

Edythe Abdullah, dean of Continuing Education at UNF, tells First Coast News that about half of all the jobs available have some sort of Information Technology function and discusses the new Coding Bootcamp, a training program for jobs that are strictly focused on coding.

Homemade sunscreen recipes not good for your skin

Based on her recent study, Dr. Julie Merten, UNF associate professor of public health, explains to The Academic Minute why Pinterest might be not your best health care provider.

Blind UNF instructor and poet writes about more than her lack of sight

Poet Emily Michael, a UNF writing instructor, is blind, though she makes sure that’s far from the only topic she’ll write about. She has a new poetry book, "Neoteny: Poems," coming out this fall.