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UNF's Division of Continuing Education is Committed to Offering Unparalleled Education and Training Programs

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We provide you a wide variety of lifelong learning opportunities through five comprehensive programs

The UNF Division of Continuing Education knows how to bring out the best in every student, whether you are looking for career advancement, seeking an industry certification, changing careers, preparing for graduate school or just taking courses for the pure enjoyment of learning. Through our non-credit courses and certificate programs, you will find individualized attention in all five of our continuing education sectors that include Professional Development, LEARN Jacksonville, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, Test Prep and Online Learning.


At UNF Division of Continuing Education, you can keep pace with a changing world – and transform your business, your career or yourself tomorrow. Let’s get going!




Customer Care

Our friendly customer care team is here and ready to assist you with any question you may have. They are happy to help you find the perfect class and then sign up for it. Drop by our front desk or give them a call at (904) 620-4200. They love meeting new students!


Customized Training

The Division of Continuing Education will develop a program based on the unique needs of each employer. It is our mission to understand the needs of our customers and provide advanced training to match current and emerging business demands. Give us a call to discuss.


New Courses

Our courses serve a multitude of purposes for different students: some provide personal enrichment while others provide professional training. Courses cover a wide variety of subjects from money management to photography, food and beverage studies to paralegal learning, logistics and project management. New courses are added all the time!


Learn Anytime

Sometimes it is hard to fit continuing education into a busy schedule of work, family and the general disarray of life. However, thanks to online learning, continuing your education in the midst of the rest of your life is becoming very possible. We currently have over 800 online classes available.

We are recommended by leading professionals all across Jacksonville

Professional Development "I would recommend these courses because they are effective. They have great presenters dealing with real world problems in an academic setting. They provide a great foundation. I think your employees will grow their careers as a result of taking the courses at UNF."


APR Energy HR Director

Global Logistics Program "This program is great for either people who want to get into the industry and are looking to figure out what part makes the most sense or for those folks already in the industry looking for advancement."


DCE Logistics & Supply Chain Instructor

Leadership Development "I think the individuals that benefit the most from taking our courses are either those that are contemplating or transitioning into a management role. It could be individuals who have been in management roles before or for a while who never actually received any training or foundational learning in this."

Rusty Bozman Headshot  

DCE Leadership Development Instructor

New Manager Essentials "Management training gives people the opportunity to improve their careers. It gives them an opportunity for growth, opportunity to lead, opportunity to make more money."


APR Energy Operations Lead

Certified Financial Planner™ "I've been a financial advisor for six years and becoming a Certified Financial Planner™ will help me with that next level of growing my business."


DCE Student

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute "Volunteering for OLLI at UNF has given me purpose and a place to stretch my creativity and continue to learn and grow. Equally important, I have made wonderful friends through OLLI, who inspire me and enrich my life. I truly feel as though I receive much more than I give!"


Explore More Program Team Lead

Military & Veteran's Education "I highly recommend programs here at UNF for pursuing certifications whether it be in Project Management or Lean Six Sigma. It helps translate the experiences and training you've had in the military to the civilian sector."


Military Student

New Manager Essentials "I highly recommend you take the New Manager Essentials course at UNF's Division of Continuing Education."


DCE Student

LEARN Jacksonville "The courses at UNFCE, of which I took Painting in Acrylics I, II, and III, Painting in Oils, and Painting in Watercolor I, gave me the knowledge and ability to re-engage as an artist after a 45-year hiatus and two successful careers. Keith Doles, who teaches the acrylics and oil courses, was an inspiring and capable instructor who provided me with much needed mentorship."


Airborne Rng, Infantry/ Intel Ofc, Nuclear Weapons Spc, Retired

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