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Division of Continuing Education


Shooting a food photograph

Basic Digital Photography

Ever wonder about all the features of your camera? This "start at the beginning" course will teach you how to capture great-looking images with your DSLR or mirrorless camera. Basic Digital Photography is a broad introduction to digital photography geared towards a simple understanding of the fundamentals without too much science. You will learn techniques to improve your photography of any subject right away for social media or any other use you may have.

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New digital camera with lens

Basic Digital Photography II

Learn more about your camera and get creative! The second in the basic digital photography series, Basic Digital Photography II is designed to build upon the basics. This course will move deeper into the basic concepts to teach you exactly what the camera is doing, which will allow you to gain more creative control over your images. You will learn in further detail the shooting modes so you can find the one that works best for you. Learn how to move beyond the camera default settings in metering, focus, and exposure as well as working with all aspects of depth of field.

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Taking a picture with iPhone

How to Take Professional Photos with Your iPhone

Learn how to take your iPhone photos to a professional level. With advancements in smartphone technology, you can take amazing pictures with your smartphone camera; this course will teach you how to use the camera's features and where to look. With a focus on using your iPhone, you will learn tips and tricks that you can use every day such as composing your scene to create depth, optimizing your iPhone camera settings, telling a story in your photos, utilizing light sources, and professionally editing photos on your iPhone. Make your iPhone photos stand out from the rest!

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Jaguar on a tree

Digital Photography – Photo Safari at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

Hone your wildlife photography skills with a morning at the Jacksonville Zoo. This is a hands-on, in-the-field workshop so bring all the gear you wish to use or want to learn more about. Lessons and individual help will be given along the way. All camera types are welcome. We will cover several varied types of photo situations, so you can take home your own "safari" photos — just as if you'd gone to Africa!

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Woodland trails

Digital Photography – Photo Safari at the Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens

Join us for a full morning of hands-on photography work in the field at the beautiful Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens. The focus is on capturing the flora, nature, and landscape in the 120-acre urban woodland. Both structured lessons and a time to shoot on your own with an expertís help will guide you through the process of taking stunning images of nature. The class size is small to ensure ample one-on-one help. All camera types are welcome. Bring your manuals for reference. Enjoy the cooler weather in the outdoors and take home some wonderful photos.

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Fernandina Beach sunrise

Digital Photography – Fernandina Beach Center Street and Marina

Enjoy a morning of photographing the picturesque streets in Fernandina Beach. You will focus on the Fernandina Beach Center Street and Marina which abounds with a variety of coastal subjects. All camera types are welcome. Bring your manuals for reference. The workshop includes group lessons on techniques and exercises to help you find creative shots.

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