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Film and Social Media

Making a movie with iPhone

Smartphone Filmmaking Workshop

Smartphone filmmaking has arrived. With the help of inexpensive apps, you can turn your mobile device into a versatile film camera, capable of creating indie films, social media content, documentaries, brand and commercial work, and TV and streaming content. In this course, you will learn how to shoot cinematically, compose shots, control light, record perfect audio, add post-production, and become accomplished filmmakers with your smartphone. Smartphone Filmmaking Workshop is perfect for artists, creative entrepreneurs, non-profits, social media content creators, and video storytellers.

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Woman using social media with her smartphone

Mobile Storytelling

In today's fast-paced technological world, social media has become a tool to connect to one another — regardless of using it for personal sharing, non-profit branding, or business marketing. To keep up, you might have to publish engaging content on a regular basis. Mobile Storytelling covers planning, producing, shooting, production design, and publishing for social media — all through the workflow of your mobile device. Each social media platform is unique, and each social media community has expectations. You will learn how to create and deliver that content with your smartphone.

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Man making a TikTok video

TikTok for Filmmakers

TikTok for Filmmakers teaches emerging and established filmmakers how to embrace the short-film format, how to use the creative tools, how to engage the TikTok filmmaking community, how to promote and market your work on TikTok, and, most importantly, how to benefit from TikTok's vast collaborative opportunities. This course embraces much more than producing short-form films, although that's an extremely viable creative option. You will use TikTok to build an audience for your work by sharing your creative workflow — from offering behind-the-scenes access to educating other filmmakers, to collaborating and crowd-sourcing ideas and input on your projects.

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Film making

Film Production

Get a glimpse of the filmmaking process through this comprehensive course. Film Production walks you through every stage of producing a film: beginning with screenwriting and story development, continuing through production on set, and finishing with post-production and editing. Whether you are a novice seeking to break into independent filmmaking or a veteran looking to hone your skills, join us in this multi-part course on film production.

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People making a podcast

Podcasting for Beginners: Crafting Career Connections

Are you looking to take your career to new heights or connect with others in your field? Discover the power of podcasting as a transformative tool for building your professional network, enhancing your skills, and creating valuable content. This course is designed to provide you with the foundational knowledge and practical skills needed to start your podcasting journey, even if you're starting with audio-only content. From podcast setup to leveraging tools like Canva for branding and optimizing your LinkedIn profile, you'll acquire the essentials for podcasting with confidence. Beyond the technical aspects, you will delve into networking strategies to connect with industry experts and invite them as guests on your show, forging essential career connections.

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