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Division of Continuing Education

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)

Discover OLLI!
September 10, 2024, 9:30 – Noon | UNF Adam W. Herbert University Center

Join us for this free event to see what OLLI at UNF offers! Discover a world of enriching classes, exciting field trips, and vibrant social events—all in a stress-free, no-grades environment. Meet new friends, learn from passionate instructors, and embark on a journey of lifelong learning. Registration is required.

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Calling All Lifelong Learners!

Make the most of this special time in your life. Find purpose by pursuing interests you didn’t have time for until now. Discover exciting new possibilities to consider. Whether you seek intellectual, creative, skill-building, or social opportunities, you find those and more at OLLI. Plus, there are no tests and no grades!

Registration is now open. New classes are added monthly.

Voices of OLLI: Step into the world of OLLI through this video. Our members and instructors become storytellers, weaving narratives of discovery, friendship, and transformation. Against sunlit classrooms and cozy gatherings, they reveal how OLLI has ignited their curiosity, broadened their horizons, and sparked lifelong friendships. From history buffs to art enthusiasts, everyone finds their place here. Soak in the wisdom, laughter, and shared experiences—this is OLLI, where learning knows no bounds.


You’re invited to join a vibrant community of those age 50 and better that enjoy year-round educational, cultural, and social opportunities. OLLI at UNF is one of 125 OLLIs nationwide, all are affiliated with colleges and universities. 

Why OLLI? Programs promote life-enhancing approaches to positive aging. OLLI is a place where you can keep current, grow personally, and enjoy the simple pleasure of learning new things.

Come for the classes, stay for the friends!

Registration for Courses Now Open!

Your support matters — Today and in the future! 

OLLI at UNF’s operations is supported by membership dues, class fees, interest income from two endowments from The Bernard Osher Foundation, and in-kind support from the University of North Florida Division of Continuing Education. Philanthropic support is critical for the program’s long-term sustainability and funds enhancements that benefit members and volunteers.

Stay safe and healthy by making informed decisions.

UNF COVID-19 Recommendations & Expectations

  • Get vaccinated
  • Wear a mask
  • Wash hands frequently
  • If you're feeling sick, stay at home
  • OLLI's classrooms have returned to pre-COVID capacity, are cleaned daily, and include hand sanitizer.

Thank you for your understanding that these expectations are not mandated regulations.


UNF’s lifelong learning program was established in 2006 and welcomed into the OLLI network a year later. Self-organized member volunteers work together to plan the programs so you’re sure to find something that appeals. The Leadership Council focuses on the program’s strategic direction and long-term sustainability.


OLLI at UNF is self-organized member volunteers working together to create and deliver educational, cultural, and social opportunities for lifelong learners aged 50 and better.


  • Engage.
  • Enhance.
  • Connect.
  • Live well and learn forever.  


  • Create a rich variety of learning and social opportunities
  • Engage all members in investing their time and talent into the organization
  • Respect diversity and individual differences in ideas and opinions

OLLI’s Leadership Council’s mission is to ensure the program’s long-term sustainability as a member-centered, volunteer-led, volunteer-staffed organization. Members with significant experience as students, instructors, and volunteers serve on the council. If you are interested in serving, we encourage you to become active as a volunteer. Contact OLLI at UNF’s volunteer coordinator at


Continue to keep OLLI great by sharing your passions, talents, interests, and gifts including time. Email for a referral to learn about current opportunities. There is NO obligation!

“Volunteering for OLLI at UNF has given me purpose and a place to stretch my creativity and continue to learn and grow. Equally important, I have made wonderful friends through OLLI, who inspire me and enrich my life. I truly feel as though I receive much more than I give!” —Nancy Sticht, Leadership Council Member

Join Us

OLLI offers those age 50 and better learning opportunities offered in a climate that fosters friendship and the mutual sharing of ideas and life experiences.  Membership is $50 per person and is renewable annually based on the date you joined. Courses are priced based on their length and frequency.  

We are conveniently located in UNF’s Adam W. Herbert University Center near J. Turner Butler and Kernan Boulevards. Parking is plentiful and free. Our building is fully accessible.  

Click here to join or renew! New to OLLI at UNF? Click here to create your account. 

Get Involved


Volunteers love to share their passion or expertise with OLLI members. Here is what three instructors have to say:

“An old saying suggests that the best way to learn is to teach. OLLI has set me on a nonstop learning path in my retirement. Members are open-minded, seek intellectual challenges, and appreciate being involved and highly participatory.”  

“I told the director that if she ever repeated this, I’d deny saying it. But I would pay OLLI for the chance to teach such fascinating, highly motivated people.”  

“After taking more than 20 courses, I decided it was time for me to step up and teach, too. I’m really having a blast doing it!” 

Do you have something to share? We provide robust resources to support the planning and delivery of classes. Simply email to start the conversation. There is no obligation. 


Volunteers are the heartbeat of OLLI and the reason why the organization remains vibrant and affordable. Volunteering, while important to our OLLI, is also an excellent way to meet new friends and become engaged in your program. OLLI encourages ALL members to share their time and talents. Members may choose from a variety of volunteer opportunities on teams within different areas of OLLI’s volunteer organization. We are committed to finding the right match for you and providing plenty of support! Simply email to start the conversation. There is no obligation.


Financial gifts from members who value lifelong learning are appreciated. Philanthropic support allows our OLLI to continually enhance the member and volunteer experience as well as provides scholarships.

You can make a difference today by giving online via a secure link. Select OLLI Enhancement Endowed Fund to contribute.

Give a legacy gift to OLLI that costs you nothing during your lifetime. For more information, contact Kathleen M. Leone, Senior Director of Development for Academic Affairs at (904) 620-1838 or

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why OLLI?

    It promotes life enhancing approaches to positive aging. It’s a place where you can keep current, grow personally and enjoy the simple pleasures of learning new things. Research indicates that cognitively active older adults are 2.6 times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease and dementia than similarly aged individuals with less cognitive activity. If you don’t use it, you lose it!

  • Who can join OLLI?

    Anyone aged 50 and better is welcome to join.

  • Must I be a member to participate?

    Yes, most programs are a benefit of membership. We occasionally welcome non-members to participate as guests in select programs.

  • What are the costs?

    Membership is $50 per year (365 days). Programs are priced by frequency and length. A one-time 90-minute course typically costs $20. A class of four 90-minute sessions typically costs $40.

  • When are programs offered?

    OLLI at UNF is a year-round program. Most programs are offered daytimes Monday through Friday.

  • What kind of programs are offered?

    Most programs are face-to-face, but some distance learning classes are offered each term via UNF’s Zoom platform. ED-ventures are field trips that are held throughout the region. Explore More programs combine classroom learning with field trips. We offer learning immersion charter travel through Road Scholar.

    Topics range from history, culture and world affairs to science, technology and physics. Health, wellness and skill-building classes including studio arts, languages, hobbies and games are also offered. ED-ventures include nature hikes, boat and bicycle tours, concerts as well as visits to museums and galleries, corporations, farms, parks and preserves.

    Feedback solicited at each program’s conclusion generates ideas for future offerings.

  • How can I learn which programs are currently offered?

    Digital catalogs are distributed monthly to OLLI’s mailing list. If you’d like to be added to that list, email your request to You may also view programs by visiting the online catalog page.

  • What does OLLI expect from members?

    A code of conduct was adopted in 2016 to ensure positive experiences for all. All members are encouraged to consider volunteering. A wide variety of opportunities are offered from teaching and facilitating programs to working behind the scenes and offering hospitality at OLLI events.

  • Contact

    Customer Care Team 
    Phone: (904) 620-4200 


    UNF Continuing Education 
    12000 Alumni Drive 
    Jacksonville, FL 32224 
    Stop by our office 
    Our office is conveniently located in the UNF Adam W. Herbert University Center (Bldg. 43, Rm. 2110) on the corner of Alumni Drive and Kernan Blvd., near S.R. 202 (J. Turner Butler Blvd.). We're open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. 
    UNF Division of Continuing Education 
    Adam W. Herbert University Center (Building 43) 
    12000 Alumni Drive 
    Jacksonville, FL 32224 


Customer Care Team
Phone: (904) 620-4200


UNF Continuing Education 
12000 Alumni Drive 
Jacksonville, FL 32224

OLLI Office
UNF Division of Continuing Education 
Adam W. Herbert University Center (Building 43) 
12000 Alumni Drive 
Jacksonville, FL 32224

Stop by Our Office 

Our office is conveniently located in the UNF Adam W. Herbert University Center (Bldg. 43, Rm. 2110) on the corner of Alumni Drive and Kernan Blvd., near S.R. 202 (J. Turner Butler Blvd.). We're open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Digital Catalog and Videos

Seek and explore through experiential learning with interesting peers! This new catalog features plenty of opportunities to explore your interests and nurture your curiosity.

Enrollment is now open! View currently scheduled programs via the online catalog.

Take a look at our digital catalog

Log into your account and the "Add to Cart" button will appear when you click on "Enroll Now" at the bottom of each course description. You may also call our friendly Customer Care Team at (904) 620-4200 during business hours.

We're adding great new programs every day! Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities and news of our future plans.

Please note: All OLLI programs including distance learning (DL) are priced per person.

Right: Nancy Sticht was interviewed by Dr. Wendy Norfleet at Buzz TV’s “On a Mission.”

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