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Division of Continuing Education

Technology Bootcamps

Gain the skills to build or expand a career in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, coding, data analytics, data science, and DevOps with UNF's technology bootcamps.

Hand clicking on a screen with AI highlighted

AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp

The UNF Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Bootcamp prepares students for a range of data careers, including those specialized in artificial intelligence.


Man coding on multiple screens

Coding Bootcamp

Take the full-time or part-time University of North Florida Coding Bootcamp to become an experienced Web Developer in 12–26 weeks!


Man touching secured areas

Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Learn how to become a cybersecurity professional with the University of North Florida Cybersecurity Bootcamp and launch a career within 12–26 weeks!


Data analytics superimposed over a people on a laptop

Data Analytics Bootcamp

Learn how to interpret data, present your findings, and drive business decisions through a hands-on project-based curriculum with our Data Analytics Bootcamp.


People discussing collected data in front of a laptop

Data Science Bootcamp

Learn in-demand data science skills while solving real-world business problems through a hands-on project-based curriculum with our Data Science Bootcamp.


Group of developers looking at a laptop

DevOps Bootcamp

The online UNF DevOps Bootcamp provides in-demand training in automation, infrastructure, Python, and more, using an AWS Academy cloud computing curriculum.