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Division of Continuing Education


Financial Services Industry

The financial services industry is the perfect career choice for energetic and ambitious people who are looking for great career opportunities. This industry offers a wealth of opportunities that accommodate different skill sets. Here at UNFCE, you can find opportunities to add new skills or you can build on those you already have.

  • Are you a planner who likes helping people? Work as a Certified Financial Planner.
  • Have an enquiring mind and like working with figures? Become a Certified Bookkeeper.
  • Detail-oriented, trustworthy, organized? A Tax Professional career may be for you!

Certified Financial Plannerâ„¢

The demand for CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals is expected to grow by 32% in the next decade.* A 273-hour certificate program has been established by Zahn Associates to meet the need of professionals who are able to plan, assess and evaluate a client’s financial future through the development of a comprehensive financial plan.

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Certified Bookkeeper Training Course

Earn Bookkeeper certification online. Bookkeeping forms the backbone of every organization's need to carefully account for its financial activities. It accounts for sales, purchases, and payments that flow through an entity. Bookkeepers are crucial to every organization and certified bookkeepers are the elite of their profession. This 100% online course will prepare you for certification by the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB).

Job Outlook for Bookkeepers

According to, bookkeepers earn on average $17.37 per hour. Top bookkeepers’ earnings exceed $56,900. cites bookkeeping skills as highly transferable to financial supervisory, analysis, or managerial roles. The site calls bookkeeper an "ideal choice" for those who are motivated to keep organizations on track with regard to their finances.

Technology is highly relevant to the bookkeeper's role. Mastery of bookkeeping software applications is the key to matching bookkeeping skills with expanding requirements for analysis, visual data presentation, and reporting that provides value-added to the traditional bookkeeper's duties.

Course Objectives

  • Prepare to take and pass the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB) certification exam
  • Understand eligibility requirements, code of ethics, and maintenance requirements for bookkeeper certification
  • Apply the concepts of accrual accounting to transactions that span fiscal periods and trace the effect of accrual and deferral transactions
  • Record book and tax depreciation, using various methods of calculating depreciation
  • Perform basic payroll duties, including paying wages, handling payroll deposits, and reporting taxes
  • Know how to value inventory, record costs, make entries and report inventory on financial statements
  • Use basic internal controls to prevent theft, embezzlement, or check and credit card fraud by employees, customers, or vendors


This course is designed for experienced bookkeepers with at least two years of work experience in bookkeeping or accounting.


    Eligibility requirements, code of ethics, and certification maintenance
    Why accruals, deferrals, and other adjustments are made; recognizing revenues collected in advance and expenses after a prepayment
    When and where accounting errors occur and how they are discovered; finding and correcting errors on the unadjusted trial balance
    How to pay different types of employees; federal and state wage-hour law
    The difference between book and tax depreciation; depreciation under GAAP
    General concepts of accounting for inventory; the perpetual, periodic, FIFO, and LIFO methods
    How to prevent or spot theft of inventory and other non-cash assets by employees; preventing employee theft, embezzlement, or fraud by hiring the right personnel

Financial Counseling

Have you ever wanted to know the difference between stocks and bonds? Have you ever wondered how you can accumulate wealth? Perhaps you're interested in the real estate market, or want to start your own company. These are all exciting and rewarding opportunities, and there is one thing they have in common: they all require an understanding of business finance. Our online format is convenient and easy to use, making it perfect for your busy life. Don't wait any longer. Enroll today and improve your financial literacy.

Financial Counseling Courses

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