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Division of Continuing Education


Using Adobe Photoshop

Digital Photo Editing with Photoshop

Enhance your photography skills with our Digital Photo Editing with Photoshop course. You'll become proficient in Adobe Photoshop and learn key techniques for improving digital photos, including adjustments in color, brightness, and sharpness, as well as combining images, cloning, and retouching. Understand the differences between RAW and JPG formats. This interactive workshop includes live demonstrations by the expert instructor. Bring your laptop to participate actively, using pre-selected images provided in class for hands-on practice.

Instructor: John Reed

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Woman using Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom Classic for Digital Editing

Digital photography produces an explosion of images and keeping track of them can be a real challenge. Learn how to make order out of chaos using Adobe Lightroom Classic. The Library Module lets you import, catalog, and add keywords to your photos. The Develop Module provides powerful editing tools for color adjustment, cropping, red-eye removal, and making other corrections. With Lightroom’s non-destructive feature, you can edit the photo without altering the original file.

Instructor: John Reed

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Interaction with a chatbot

AI Exploration for Beginners

Uncover the world of AI in a beginner-friendly way with AI Exploration for Beginners. This course simplifies the complexities, providing a supportive environment for your AI journey. Discover AI’s capabilities, learn effective communication strategies, and engage in hands-on projects through rapid prototyping. Share progress, receive feedback, and iterate towards a solid understanding of AI basics. By the course’s end, you’ll confidently harness AI’s power for your creative and practical projects. Join us to demystify AI with confidence and curiosity.

Instructor: Jenny Lee Corvo

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AI concept

Creative Adventures with AI: Intermediate Workshop for Personal Use

Dive deeper into Generative AI with Creative Adventures. Explore AI’s vast potential in text, image, and video generation. Gain hands-on experience, rapidly prototype projects, and receive feedback. The course focuses on enhancing communication with ChatGPT (including customizing your own GPT model) and mastering MidJourney for detailed image creation. By the end of this course, you will not only have a deeper understanding of AI capabilities but also practical skills to leverage AI in ways you have never imagined before.

Instructor: Jenny Lee Corvo

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