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UNF Student Government

Your Voice. Your Campus. Your Student Government.


Welcome to Student Government at the University of North Florida. We are comprised of members devoted to serving the student body with pride and excellence. We actively work to meet the needs of students and to enhance the quality of campus life. We do this through hosting a variety of programs and funding student organizations. We also represent the student body on a local and state level.


Constitutional Referendums may be viewed on Perch Portal. View here: Campus Labs 

If you have any questions, please email


SG's Executive Branch is looking to hire students for the following positions: Chief of Staff, Graphic Designer, and SKYS Staff! What's SKYS? SKYS stands for "Student Keeping You Safe," and it is a new SG Executive Agency that shuttles students to different parts of UNF's main campus during the evening. We are looking for a Director, Assistant Director, and ten pilots to run the new Agency! If interested, apply now!

Interested in applying for other positions?

Do you want to make a lasting impact on the UNF community during your time here as a student? Apply for a position in Student Government to make your voice heard and help your fellow students!


Do you want to represent your 16,000 fellow Ospreys, discuss relevant issues, and vote on legislation?


Apply to be appointed as a Senator!


 Senator Application

Do you want to help students by practicing unbiased decision making in a courtroom setting?


Apply to be appointed as an Associate Justice!


Associate Justice Application

Do you want to help plan and arrange fair and free elections for Student Government elected positions?


Apply to become the Elections Commissioner or an Elections Assistant!


 Elections Applications

Upcoming Meetings

Date  Event Zoom Documents Posted Date


11:00 A.M.

Senator Training ID: 524 726 9525  Documents 3/01/2021


1:00 P.M.

Senate Meeting  ID: 239 048 5951  Documents 3/01/2021

 *The links to meeting documents will take you directly to the Student Government Perch Portal, where students and university employees can log in and access them. If you cannot access the Perch Portal or would like to request a record that is no longer on the Perch Portal, please submit a request for the document in writing to the Student Government Advisor, Victoria Shore, at The Student Government Advisor shall fulfill the request in a reasonable amount of time as dictated by Florida Public Records Law, Chapter 119.*