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Student Government

UNF Student Government


Your Voice. Your Campus. Your Student Government.

Welcome to Student Government at the University of North Florida. We are comprised of members devoted to serving the student body with pride and excellence. We actively work to meet the needs of students and to enhance the quality of campus life. We do this by hosting a variety of programs and funding student organizations. We also represent the student body on a local and state level.

November Roundtable Survey

Upcoming Senate Meetings



Type of Meeting


November 18th, 2022
1:00 pm
Senator Training
Senate Chambers 58E, #3200
December 9th, 2022
1:00 pm
Senate Meeting
Senate Chambers  58E, #3200 

Upcoming Committee Meetings



Type of Meeting


December 2nd, 2022

10:00 am

Rules and Oversight

 John E. Sapp Conference 58E/3200 

12:00 pm

Budget and Allocations

Senate Chambers 58E/3200  

2:00 pm

University of Student Affairs

John E. Sapp Conference 58E/3200 

Meeting documents are available on the Student Government Perch Portal.
If you cannot access the Perch Portal or would like to request a record that is no longer on the Perch Portal,
please submit a request for the document in writing to the Student Government Manager.
Tyler Aldinger
The Student Government Manager shall fulfill the request in a reasonable amount of time as dictated by Florida Public Records Law.