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Student Government

Legislative Branch Committees

Budget and Allocations

 The Budget and Allocations Committee Chair is tasked with running meetings of the Budget and Allocations Committee which is charged with allocating funds for Special and Travel requests. The chair and committee also assist the Student Body Treasurer in creating an annual budget report of $5 million. 

2023-2024 Chair: Jonah Vazquez

Rules and Oversight

 The Senate President Pro-Tempore maintains all Senate and Committee records. They are the chair of The Rules and Oversight Committee, which is responsible for oversight of all intergovernmental affairs of the Student Government. The Rules and Oversight Committee is responsible for vetting and forwarding candidates for Senate, as well as forwarding presidential appointments for the Executive Cabinet and Supreme Court. It also resolves conflicts concerning the Constitution and Statutes and the Senate Policies and Procedures.

2023-2024 Chair: Audrey McGrath

University and Student Affairs

The University and Student Affairs Chair runs meetings of the University and Student Affairs Committee and is in charge of planning events to serve the UNF Student Body. This includes overseeing and administering Osprey Voice and Roundtable Surveys, Finals Frenzy, and other events to serve the students. The USA Chair also works with other departments, both within Student Government and elsewhere on campus, to address student issues, as well as promote programs that are of importance and beneficial to students. 

2023-2024 Chair: VACANT