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Student Government

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Where does the money come from?
    The Activity and Service Fee Budget is derived from student fees paid per credit hour enrolled. For the 2019-2020 fiscal year the A&S Fee is $10.18 per credit hour. We budgeted for 427,000 credit hours. This means the overall A&S fee revenue was set to be $4,373,860. For more information, please email the Student Body Treasurer at
  • What are Activity and Services fees and how do they affect me?

    The Activity & Service Fee essentially serves to provide funding for student departments, services, resources, and events throughout the year. As students, we are the sole contributors to and receivers of the benefits of this fee. It is in the best interest of all students to be aware of them, as well.

    A&S fees are authorized under Florida Statute 1009.24. Fees are collected by the University of North Florida as a component of tuition in the amount recommended annually by the Student Fee Assessment Committee and approved by the UNF Board of Trustees. Florida Statute 1009.24

    For a breakdown of tuition and fees, click on the following link:

    For information on each tuition and fee, click on the following link:

  • How can Student Government help your organization?
    Student Government can provide funding to registered student organizations (RSOs) that are in Good Standing and Funding Eligible through the Osprey Involvement Center (OIC) to help. For more information, please contact the OIC Director at
  • How do I receive funding from Student Government?
    There are several ways a student may receive funding from Student Government. As an individual student, you may request travel funding up to $500 from Student Government. As an eligible registered student organization, your organization may request travel funding up to $2,000. Your organization may also request special funding for events, supplies, and equipment. For more information on travel or special funding, please contact the Student Government Budget and Allocation Chairperson at Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) may request on-campus funds by filling out a Grant Request from OIC. Please see the Osprey Involvement Center's Funding Page for a detailed explanation of the entire process.
  • How can I get involved with Student Government?

    There are many opportunities to get involved in Student Government. We encourage you to contribute ideas, share your unique perspective and opinions, and take part in making a difference on-campus. The voice of our student body is essential for our Student Government to function effectively. For more information about us, you are welcome to contact our office or stop by and chat with your representatives in person; we are always looking for new students who want to get involved with Student Government.

    Please visit the Get Involved page for more information.

  • Does Student Government give scholarships?
    Student Government gives out various types of annual scholarships to enrolled students during the fall semester. For more information, please check out the Student Government Scholarships page.
  • Does Student Government still give out free scantrons?
    Student Government initiative for scantrons went into effect on May 12th, 2014. Professors now hand them out in the classroom. Green books are still available in the Rotunda.
  • What is UNF's shuttle route?
    The campus route starts at the Kernan Boulevard and First Coast Technology Parkway stop, continues on to the stop at The Flats at UNF and stops at three locations in the campus core, then two stops at Lot 18 and back to the campus core for six stops before returning to the Kernan Boulevard location. Click here for more information about the shuttle route
  • What is Florida's Sunshine Law?
    The "Open Meetings Law" (Chapter 286, Florida Statutes) which provides that meetings of an elected board or commission are open to the public; and The "Public Records Law" (Chapter 119, Florida Statutes) which creates a right of access to records made or received in connection with official business of a public body. Click here for more information regarding sunshine law.