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Student Government

Office of Elections


The Office of Elections is comprised of Supervisor of Elections, Deputy Elections Commissioner, and Elections Assistants who are responsible for the production and maintenance of all UNF Student Government elections. The purpose of this office is to conduct the unbiased service of upholding the democratic process through elections.

Two elections take place each school year - one in the fall semester and one in the spring semester. The fall election is for fall Senate seats only, while the spring election is for spring Senate seats, the Student Body President, and the Student Body Vice-President. An official timeline for elections is released at the beginning of each election season and includes specific dates and instructions for the relevant election. Elections always take place on a Tuesday and Wednesday, although the actual dates may vary.

Supervisor of Elections

The Office of Elections is currently looking for a Supervisor of Elections and Deputy Elections Commissioner. The application for these positions can be found on the Office of Elections Perch Portal and can be submitted to the rotunda on the third floor of building 58E. 


Office of Elections Perch Portal

Elections Documents

Election Poll Worker

Poll Worker Training