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Student Government

Frequently Asked Questions - Elections

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  • What is the Office of Elections?
    The Office of Elections is an independent office in Student Government whose sole purpose is to run open and unbiased elections.
  • Who works for the office of Elections?
    The Office of Elections is composed of the Supervisor of Elections and the Deputy Supervisor of Elections, both of whom are appointed by the Student Body President and confirmed by the Senate.
  • When do elections take place?
    Elections are held twice a year, once during the fall semester and once during the spring semester. An official elections timeline is released at the beginning of the semester with specific dates and instructions. Elections are always held on a Tuesday and Wednesday, though the actually date may vary.
  • What positions are available during elections?

    During the Fall Elections - 20 senatorial seats 

    During the Spring Elections - 1 Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidate and 20 senatorial seats 

  • What are a Senator's responsibilities?
    Senators are responsible for representing all UNF students in all university-wide matters and advocating for their interests; seeking opportunities to improve student life at UNF; consider, present, and vote on all legislation necessary and proper for the student body; serve on at least one Senate standing committee; attend and participate in all required meetings; vet and confirm all qualified Senate, Executive, and Judicial appointments; and maintain communication with the student body, Senate President, and Legislative cabinet on all matters concerning students.
  • What do the President and Vice President do?

    The President is the Chief Executive, they are responsible for running, organizing, and maintaining the Executive Branch and the SG Agencies. The president is responsible for appointing and delegating responsibility to an Executive Cabinet, consisting of a Treasurer, Attorney General, and Student Advocate. 

    The Vice President is responsible for assuming the duties of the president in their absence under extreme circumstances, such as physical incapacitation, which makes it impossible to discharge the duties of the office, or at the Presidents request. The Vice President is also the direct supervisor of the SG Agencies, and is responsible for working with the Agency Directors.

  • How do I participate in SG elections?

    There are two routes to running for elections:

    If you choose to run for President/Vice President, you must run under a Political Party Organization (PPO). Once that is established you would complete a Candidate Declaration of Intent Form and submit it to the Student Government Rotunda. The Declaration of Intent is subject to approval by the Office of Elections.

    If you choose to run for a Senate Seat, you may run under a Political Party Organization or as an Independent candidate. Once you have done this you must also complete a Candidate Declaration of Intent form and submit it to the Student Government Rotunda. Should you be running with a PPO you must have your declaration of intent form signed by the Party Chair, whereas if you are running as an independent this signature is not required. Again the Candidate Declaration of Intent Form is Subject to the Office of Elections.

  • How do I register a Political Party Organization?
    Starting a Political Party Organization on your own is quite easy. All that is required are two, currently enrolled, students and a registration form. The form must be submitted to the Student Government Rotunda, and is subject to approval by the Office of Elections.