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Community Engagement and Partnerships

Community Engagement and Partnerships

The Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships advances the University’s community and business engagement efforts to establish and strengthen partnerships that support mutually aligned needs and priorities. This office also leads efforts to embed civility and a culture of care throughout the campus, helping to enhance the safe and welcoming environment for students, staff, faculty, and guests.

Community Outreach and Partnership Development

Engagement with local communities, non-profit organizations, and businesses to identify needs and opportunities for collaboration.

  1. Community partnerships: Collaboration with community groups aligned with the University’s mission to advance mutual needs and priorities, including service on boards and committees

  2. Connections with business leaders: Connecting business leaders regularly to help connect them with UNF resources, including research opportunities, student internship programs, and badging and credentialing offerings

  3. Council on Community Engagement and Partnerships: Convene campus-based advisory group to provide thought leadership and other strategic and technical advice to the OCEP

UNF Community Engagement

Facilitation of campus connections to embed civility and a culture of care throughout UNF by coordinating best practices, resources and skill development that all members of our campus community need to thrive.

  1. Campus Connection: Promotion of activities and events that encourage civility while facilitating dialogue and exchange of knowledge

  2. UNF’s values: Encourage and promote training and activities that reinforce UNF’s values

  3. Mentoring: Connect students with mentors on campus and in the community to support their personal and professional growth