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family smiling during the homecoming festivities

Welcome Osprey Parents and Families 


Osprey Parents,

We hope you rode out the storm in good health. Now that Dorian is behind us, the UNF faculty are making plans to recapture critical instructional time so your student can remain in compliance with federal, state and university regulations regarding contact minutes and financial aid.

For every minute of class time, your student will have to make up the same number of minutes over the course of the semester. Have your student check with their professors to identify how that lost class time will be resolved.


The University of North Florida is pleased to announce the merger of the Parent Association with Parent and Family Orientation.

We will still offer many of the programs that you have come to expect. We plan to host Family Weekend in October and send out the monthly newsletter so you can serve as a resource to help your student navigate the university experience all the way through to graduation.




Join us for Family Weekend