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The mission of ITS is to acquire, implement and support information technology that enhances the educational, research, service, and administrative activities of students, faculty, and staff.


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Student Email Account Changes

In order to provide better collaboration with the Office 365 tools, students now have an email account in the same environment as faculty and staff. During the transition, students will have two UNF mailboxes, their old one that uses "" and a new one that uses "" Starting Tuesday, May 7, email communication from University systems will only be delivered to the account only. Students will select the "Email" tile in myWings to access their new email account.

Students should log in to their Ospreys account by selecting the "Old Email" tile in myWings and activate automatic forwarding so any email still being sent to their Ospreys account is redirected to the new account. It's recommended students also turn on an "Automatic reply" notice that directs email senders to contact them at their new address. Both the UNF and Ospreys accounts will be active for a period of time to enable transition to the new Office 365 environment. Communication will be sent prior to the Ospreys account being deactivated. Additional information on the student email account changes.

New UNF-Wireless Network 

Information Technology Services began installing a new wireless network in June 2018. The new network, called “UNF-Wireless”, is a multi-year project that will ultimately triple the number of access points on campus, enable a faster connection and provide a better experience. Phase 1 is complete. View the planned conversion schedule or learn more about UNF’s wireless networks.

Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Computer UNF faculty and staff who use Remote Desktop Connection to directly access work computers from outside the University network need to first connect to the Virtual Private Network using AnyConnect. Those who connect to are unaffected. Any network traffic initiated from off campus to an on-campus workstation not using VPN no longer works by default. The new firewalls are high-performance security appliances that add many new features and capabilities to increase security to the campus community and provide greater flexibility to meet business/educational needs.

Student Technology Toolkit

 Computer Toolkit

Students have one place to find everything they need to know about using UNF's technology resources; it is the online Student Technology Toolkit.   

ITS Requests are Easy!

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Students, faculty and staff can submit an Information Technology Services request within myWings or at The TeamDynamix tool, gives users status-tracking ability for easier monitoring of progress and resolution of requests. Visit the website to learn how to submit an online ITS request using the interface. In addition to online submissions, the ITS Help Desk may be contacted by phone, e-mail or in-person visit to request assistance.