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Information Technology Services
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Office of Campus Technology Services

The Office of Campus Technology Services complements the other departments in ITS with support and delivery of ITS Services and a quality technology experience for the entire UNF Campus Community; support provided across a wide range of areas including academic and research technology, service management operations, client and technology support and audio-visual and conferencing; endpoint management, and UNF Help Desk services.


Academic and Research Technology

Collaborating and coordinating technology support that impacts teaching and learning and research. Support of technology in use by students and faculty across campus is delivered by dedicated Technology Support Coordinators assigned to each college. Research Technology Services provides specialized and focused support for a dynamic research environment. These teams coordinate and integrate a myriad of technologies in service of teaching and learning.


Service Management Operations

The Division of ITS aims to deliver quality services and support the entire Campus Community. Service Management and Communications are methods that help to continuously improve practices and support while maintaining consistent outreach to the campus. Quality service is achieved through partnership within and outside of ITS to ensure high quality delivery of services.


Endpoint Management

UNF’s campus technology includes many computers, tablets and mobile devices. The maintenance and management of this diverse set of systems helps to ensure that UNF can adopt new technologies more quickly and deliver a consistent technology experience. This team aims to help UNF adapt to a constantly evolving technology landscape which spans multiple device types, locations and extends beyond the traditional physical campus.


Technology Support

Campus Technology services prioritizes providing comprehensive and timely resolution of technology support issues for students, faculty, and staff. These teams are available to campus through several channels including in-person walk-up support, phone, chat and remote methods. As one of the most visible parts or ITS, technology support is a key link in the partnership between ITS and the UNF campus.


Audio Visual for Learning Spaces and Conferencing

UNF has many classrooms and learning spaces that are equipped with technology to support and enhance teaching and learning. This team provides guidance and support for the development of new and innovative solutions in our learning spaces including physical classrooms, hybrid learning environments, large gathering spaces, and meeting rooms.

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Core Competency Skills and Services

  • Hardware and Software Support
  • Computer and Device Management
  • Audio Visual Technology and Consulting
  • Classroom Technology Support
  • Software Distribution
  • Service Management Processes and Platform
  • Help Desk
  • Research Technologies

Campus Technology Services

Chris Petrello
Assistant Vice President