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Information Technology Services
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Governance Committees

Information Technology Services participates in many governance and advisory committees to ensure that the work of the Division aligns with the strategic goals and information technology needs of all aspects of the University.

Information Technology Governance Committee

The Information Technology Governance Committee (ITGC) oversees the portfolio management process by reviewing and prioritizing projects and ensuring alignment with UNF's strategic goals. The committee consists of Vice Presidents and executive leadership across strategic areas of the university.

Information Technology Advisory Committee

The Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) was formed in 2022 as an advisory group for the Information Technology Governance Committee (ITGC). The committee consists of representatives from all areas of university academics and administration. It is in the process of becoming fully operational.

Compliance, Ethics and Risk Oversight Committee

The Compliance, Ethics and Risk Oversight Committee (CEROC) is a Presidential appointed committee that serves to advise and support on matters relating to compliance programs, ethical culture and risk management strategies.

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Data Governance Council

The Data Governance Council provides key leadership to the institutional data governance initiative by providing oversight and strategic decision making on the following areas: data policies and standards, data security and privacy, data access, data quality and consistency, data retention, archiving and disposition, and adherence to federal and state compliance laws.

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Digital Presence Committee

The Digital Presence Committee is the governance body responsible for establishing and upholding the standards of the web publishing presence at UNF. This includes UNF Web pages, the Content Management System (CMS), and the myWings Portal. This committee consists of members representing each of the divisions and the President’s Office.

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Distance Learning Committee

The Distance Learning Committee (DLC) supports the development of distance learning that meets the needs of UNF students in a manner that is consistent with the University’s mission.

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Faculty Association's Campus Technology Committee

The UNF Faculty Association's Campus Technology Committee is a standing committee that provides advice and recommendations to the University's administration and to Information Technology Services (ITS) concerning IT strategic directions, operating policies, and faculty IT needs. It serves as a liaison with the University community to provide a forum for the expression of views and ideas concerning IT services, facilities, and needs.

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