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Information Technology Services
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Research Technology Services

At the University of North Florida, we are dedicated to advancing research. With the help of cutting-edge technologies, limitless opportunities await the innovation and creativity of our faculty and students. Composed of professionals in a variety of fields and expertise, the Research Technology Services team facilitates understanding, implementation, and usage of technology to help you succeed. Research Technology Services provides specialized and focused support for a dynamic research environment. The team coordinates and integrates a myriad of technologies in service of teaching and learning.

  • Research Technology Support
    • Current or future project consultation
    • Assist with research lab technology
    • High-performance Computing (HPC) support
    • GPU processing support
    • Creation and maintenance of research servers
  • Research Grant Support
    • Pre-award grant proposal consultation
    • Assist with post-award implementation
  • Geospatial Technology Support
    • GIS project consultation and collaboration
    • ArcGIS software support and training
    • Data collection and visualization
    • Drone image collection
    • GPS support