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Information Technology Services

Office of Information Security and Cyberinfrastructure

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The Office of Information Security and Cyberinfrastructure provides effective, efficient, and forward-looking services to the campus community to protect UNF’s data, systems and intellectual property; manages risk; provides network and voice services; manages the university’s server infrastructure and productivity applications; and supports the university’s research computing needs.

Information Security

The Information Security team focuses on protecting UNF’s data, systems and intellectual property. Ongoing efforts include research and implementation of the latest in security technology to ensure that risks are identified, measured and managed in order to keep the University campus digitally safe and secure.


The Cyberinfrastructure team oversees network, telecommunications, and computing systems engineering. Areas of focus include providing high-speed network and voice services; managing the server infrastructure and productivity applications; and supporting the university’s research computing needs, e.g., high-performance computing.


Core Competencies

  • Protection of data, systems and intellectual property
  • Risk assessment and risk management
  • High-speed network and voice services
  • Server infrastructure
  • Productivity applications (Office 365, Teams, Outlook, SharePoint)
  • Research computing / high-performance computing

Information Security and Cyberinfrastructure Team

Jeff Durfee
Associate Vice President & CISO


Clay Maddox
Director, Cyberinfrastructure

Computing Systems Engineering

  • John Sharp, Associate Director
  • Don Harris, Sr. IT Systems Engineer
  • Thomas Stewart, IT Systems Engineer
  • Nate Swanson, IT Systems Engineer
  • Kristopher Toops, IT Systems Engineer
  • Trinity Zamrzla, IT Systems Engineer
  • Alexander Perez, Coordinator

Network and Telecommunications

  • JR Chambers, Assistant Director
  • Randy Jones, Telecommunications Manager
  • Lamonte Birden, Sr. Telecommunications Technician
  • Donnie Cole, Sr. Telecommunications Technician
  • Nate Farley, Sr. Telecommunications Technician
  • Gennadiy Gedroit, Network Analyst
  • Hiba Husein, Network Analyst
  • Jason Lewis, IT Network Engineer
  • Debbie Dunch, Data Center Technician


Information Security

  • Vacant, Director
  • Brent Morente, IT Security Analyst
  • Mallory Tween, IT Security Analyst