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The Graduate School
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Graduate Student Award

The Graduate Student Award is a means to recruit  high caliber students who demonstrate financial need. This  award provides first time graduate students with a total of $5,000 each academic year (split between fall and spring semesters) and can be awarded for up to two years as long as the student remains eligible. Thus, students who qualify will be granted a $10,000 award for their graduate education. Students moved from the waitlist may only be eligible to receive the Graduate Student Award for one academic year and granted a $5000 award for their graduate education. *Note: The Graduate School has limited funds, and all applicants will not receive an award.


To be eligible for the award, applicants must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Be a first-time, degree-seeking graduate student at UNF and have submitted all required application materials for the summer 2024 or fall 2024 term. Students previously enrolled as post-baccalaureate or in a graduate certificate program at UNF are eligible. 
  • Show financial need as demonstrated by the FAFSA. Note: Graduate students are considered independent for FAFSA purposes; students who were not eligible for financial aid as an undergraduate dependent, may be eligible as a graduate student. International students cannot apply for federal student aid and are therefore ineligible for this award.
  • Be enrolled full-time in their degree program (Programs may determine what is considered full-time for their nominees but it may be no fewer than 6 credit hours).
  • Remain in Good Academic Standing (GPA of 3.0 or higher) for the duration of the award. 
  • Renewal for the second year is automatic if the recipient still demonstrates need via FAFSA, is in good academic standing, and funds are available.
Please note, full-time university staff are ineligible for awards offered by the Graduate School. 


Request Form & Deadline

To be considered for this award, prospective students must:

  1. Submit all required graduate program application materials for an eligible term by the posted deadline;
  2. submit the Graduate Student Award Form; and
  3. have a FAFSA on file for the upcoming academic year by the award request form deadline.

Important Dates:

  • Application opens March 1
  • Application and FAFSA deadline May 1
  • Recipients will be notified in June