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The Graduate School

Graduate School Organization

GSO Mission Statement

The Graduate School Organization (GSO) is dedicated to cultivating a vibrant and supportive community for graduate students at the University of North Florida. Our mission is to enhance professional development through workshops and lectures, while fostering connections via networking events. We are committed to creating a balanced academic and social experience by organizing engaging social activities. GSO strives to be a catalyst for members' success, providing a dynamic environment that empowers graduate students to excel academically and build meaningful connections for future endeavors.
  • Facilitate Professional Development
    • Organize regular workshops and lectures covering a range of topics relevant to graduate students' academic and professional growth.

    • Provide resources and support systems that empower members to develop essential skills for success in their fields.

  • Build a Strong Community
    • Host networking events that bring together graduate students, faculty, and industry professionals to foster meaningful connections and collaborations.

    • Cultivate a sense of camaraderie through social activities, creating an inclusive and supportive environment for all members.

  • Promote Student Well-being
    • Organize events and initiatives that contribute to the holistic well-being of graduate students, recognizing the importance of a balanced academic and social life.

    • Provide resources and support systems that enhance the overall quality of life for our members, ensuring their success both inside and outside the academic realm.

GSO Officer Positions

We are excited to introduce you to the dedicated individuals who contribute their time and expertise to the success of the GSO (Graduate School Organization).
Our officers play a crucial role in shaping the direction and activities of the organization, fostering a vibrant and engaging community for all members.
  • President
    Karina Miller
    Karina Flyer HeadshotOversee all activities of the organization
    Stay in constant communication with the organization advisor
    Create an agenda for any and all meetings
    Make informed decisions on organization involvement and business activitiesAssists all executive board members on various activities
    Act as the spokesperson and representative for organization
    Sign off on all financial documents
    Has final approval on social media content and merchandise
  • Treasurer
    Athena Salinas 
    Athena Flyers HeadshotHandling all funds with the organization and make sure they are deposited in appropriate accounts
    Responsible for submitting all purchase/grant requests regarding organization events
    Signing off on all financial documents
    Submitting a budget request for funds
  • Vice President
    Ariana Johnson 
    • Take on the duties of the president if the president is absent
    • Take on the duties of the treasurer if the treasurer is absent
    • Serves as an ex‐officio member of existing committees
    • Work with the president on the recruitment of new members.
    • Sign off on all financial documents.
    • Fills the role of Chief of Staff
  • Assistant Vice President of Events & Activities
    Jadah Foltz
    • Develop and execute the organization's event strategy.
    • Lead and manage the events team, delegating tasks effectively.
    • Manage event budgets, seek sponsorships, and monitor expenses.
    • Collaborate on marketing strategies and oversee promotional efforts.
    • Handle logistics, venue selection, and coordination with vendors.
    • Develop strategies to engage members in events and activities.
    • Work with other officers for effective communication and collaboration.
    • Identify and mitigate risks associated with events.
    • Conduct evaluations, gather feedback, and document lessons learned.
    • Bring creative ideas and stay informed about event trends.
  • Deputy Treasurer
    • Assist the Treasurer with budgeting and monitoring expenses.
    • Collaborate on crafting and implementing financial policies.
    • Provide support in supervising cash transactions and preparing accurate financial reports.
    • Provide valuable assistance to the treasurer's leadership, team management, and audit processes.
  • Assistant Vice President of Operations
    • Optimize processes and procedures to enhance organizational efficiency.
    • Assist in leading and motivating teams to achieve operational goals.
    • Identify areas for improvement and innovation within operational functions.
    • Analyze data to think of strategic decision-making and enhance overall performance.
  • Assistant Vice President of Social Media
    • Develop and execute comprehensive social media strategies aligned with organizational goals.
    • Lead the creation of engaging and innovative content across various social media platforms.
    • Monitor and analyze social media metrics to enhance audience interaction and satisfaction.
  • Assistant Vice President of Membership
    • Develop and implement strategies to attract and retain members, ensuring a positive experience for all.
    • Foster connections among members through events, forums, and collaborative projects.
    • Serve as the main point of contact for club members, addressing inquiries and facilitating communication.
    • Promote a welcoming and supportive environment that embraces diversity.
  • Assistant Vice President of Professional Development
    • Lead the strategic planning and execution of professional development initiatives within the organization.
    • Design and implement diverse professional development programs, workshops, and events.
    • Collaborate with industry experts and organizations to provide valuable learning opportunities.
    • Facilitate networking opportunities and mentorship programs to connect members with experienced professionals.

Interested in holding a GSO officer position? 

Advisor Contact Info:


Rebecca Byers 

(904) 620-1361

Please feel free to contact Rebecca for questions, concerns, or interest in applying for an officer position. 

Election Process 

To run for a GSO officer position, express your interest via email to the GSO advisor, attaching your resume and a letter of intent. Following a review, successful candidates will engage in an informal meeting either in-person or over zoom with the existing officers with existing officers for a friendly introduction.

Upon decision, the advisor will notify you, and our website will be updated with your name and title.


Elections will be held AFTER EACH ACADEMIC YEAR.

Unless there is an emergency vacancy in roles of President orTreasurer.

What should be on your resume?

  1. Name and N-Number
  2. Your college and program 
  3. How far along you are with your program 
  4. Work experience 

What should you discuss in your letter of intent?

  1. What position you are applying for
  2. Why you are interested in the position 
  3. What are some goals you want to achieve with this position