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The Graduate School

Graduate Transient at UNF

Graduate transients are individuals that are currently attending an accepted institutional accreditor and wish to temporarily enroll at UNF in order to transfer credits back to their home institution. In order to be eligible, you must be an active graduate student at your home institution and in good academic standing.
  • Deadlines
    • Fall - August 10
    • Spring - December 10
    • Summer - April 30
  • Process

    Obtain approval from your home institution before pursuing transient enrollment at UNF. It is also recommended you speak with the Graduate Program Director of the program the courses you intend to enroll in are under. A transient enrollment form or other documentation may be required by the program. 

    If your home institution and the Graduate Program Director accepts your UNF transient enrollment, complete the UNF Graduate School Non-Degree Application.

    1. Log in or create an application account
    2. Click the Start New Application link at the bottom
    3. Select the Graduate Admissions Application option
    4. Select Graduate Pre-requisites and Non-Degree
    5. To complete the application, click Open Application
      1. For your enrollment plans select "I am currently enrolled at another institution and applying to take graduate coursework for only one term at UNF."
      2. For program of study select Graduate Non-Degree Seeking
    6. Upload a copy your current transcript, indicating you are a current and active graduate student in good academic standing at your home institution. Applications that are received without proof of active enrollment in a graduate program will be denied.
    7. Complete the Transient Acknowledgment Statement. Upload the completed form through your Application Status Portal.
    8. An application fee is not required to apply as a transient and will be waived after you have submitted the application.
  • Registration

    Once admitted, holds must be cleared before being able to register for classes.

    You will be able to register on Transient Registration day and Late Registration. Transient students do not receive registration appointments. For registration dates, refer to the Academic Calendar.
  • Important Notes
    • After being admitted, the residency declaration will need completed if applying for Florida residency for tuition purposes. You will receive email communication on completing this process. It must be completed by the last business day before the start of classes.
    • Review your bill through your myWings account. Refer to Student Financial Services for deadlines and payment submission information.
    • Transfer courses back to your home institution by requesting a UNF transcript from One Stop Student Services.
    • Transient students are not eligible for financial aid.
    • Students may only submit one (1) transient application within a three-semester period (i.e. current available application terms).
  • Current UNF graduate student?
    • UNF graduate students interested in taking courses at another institution as a transient should consult their Graduate Program Director on the transferability of any coursework completed outside of UNF. 
    • Up to 12 credit hours of a graduate program may be earned through concurrent enrollment at another U.S. institution accredited by an accepted institutional accreditor or its equivalent from a non-US institution while the student is enrolled in a UNF graduate degree program. Refer to the Graduate Transfer Credit Policy for more information.
    • Upon completion of the coursework, an official transcript and completed Transfer of Credit Request form must be submitted to the Graduate School for processing.