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The Graduate School

Cross-Level Listed Courses

Cross-level course listing refers to courses that include an undergraduate and a graduate section. The University permits cross-level course listings at the 4000/5000 and 4000/6000 level only. A syllabus is required for each section of the course and the 5000 and 6000 level courses should be more advanced in academic content. Students taking the 5000 or 6000 level, regardless of their own status (UG or GR), must fulfill the requirements of the 5000 or 6000 level to receive credit for the course.

Programs are advised to consider whether students should be allowed to take both the undergraduate and graduate cross-level listed courses for credit. If it is determined students should only take one of the cross-level listed courses, programs will need to implement a means to enforce it such as a statement in both syllabi or program policy.

Steps for Cross-Level Listing

  1. Create your 4000 and 5/6000 syllabi ensuring the Cross-Level Course Rubric criteria are met, and the Cross-Level Listing Policy is followed.
  2. The faculty teaching the courses should submit the completed Cross-Level Course Rubric/Approval Form and two distinct syllabi to the Program Director or appropriate college committee, as determined by the Department or College Bylaws. The graduate course syllabus should have all differentiated graduate student expectations highlighted.
  3. The forms and syllabi must be routed and approved by the Program Director or appropriate college committee, Department Chair, and College Associate Dean before being routed to the Graduate School ( In the case of an exemption, the Graduate School Dean and Provost will also review the submission.
  4. Once all approvals are received, the Graduate School notifies the faculty and registrar of the approval status.

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