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Helpful Notes 

  • Always look for comments on an ePAF. They will be located at the bottom and will let you know if additional information is required, corrections need made, etc.
  • When an ePAF is returned for correction, you will receive email reminders until it is corrected.
  • If an ePAF is disapproved by the Graduate School, you will be notified via email by the Graduate School Coordinator of Admissions with the reasoning.
  • When creating an ePAF, make sure to click the Submit button. If it is not submitted, the ePAF will not be forwarded to the approval queue.
  • You can check the status of any ePaf you have submitted by following the instructions outlined in the HR ePAF Training Manual, Section 7: Checking an ePAF's Status.
  • Approval Categories

    Refer to page 4 of the Human Resources ePAF Training Manual for a flowchart.

    Job Creation ActionsPersonnel Actions that require a new position number or suffix.
    • New hire graduate assistants in your department. 
    • Choose Graduate Assistant New Job, GANEWH.
    Job Change ActionsPersonnel Actions that require an adjustment to a current position number.
    • Rehire of a GA in your department (i.e. semester to semester).
    • Choose Grad Assistant Rehire, GAREHI.
  • Employment Types
    Refer to the HR ePAF Training Manual, Section 9.1 for XX position number replacement codes.
    • Graduate Assistant (class code 9185; Position 93XX85)
    • Graduate Teaching Assistant (class code 9184; Position 93XX84)
    • Graduate Teaching Associate (class code 9183; Position 93XX83)
    • Graduate Research Assistant (class code 9182; Position 93XX82)

    For position duties, review the Guidelines for Hiring Graduate Students.

  • Employee Class Codes

    For Graduate Assistants, there are only two choices for the Employee Class Code.

    • OG for international Graduate Assistants
    • O5 for all others Graduate Assistants
  • About and Process

    As required by Florida Statute 1010.35, UNF is required to collect additional information from GRA applicants prior to an interview or an offer of employment. Rehires are not required to complete the form.

    Once a student has submitted the form, it will be routed to the Research Integrity Office for approval. The Research Integrity Office will notify the department if the form is approved. At that time, the department may initiate the ePAF. It will need to be noted on the ePAF that an approved Graduate Foreign Influence Review Form is on file.

    For further information about the Foreign Influence Review process, please see

  • Email Template

    Greetings and thank you for your interest in a (Graduate) Research Assistant position. As required by Florida Statute 1010.35, the University of North Florida collects additional information from applicants seeking research or research-support positions prior to an interview or an offer of employment. This information is not used in the evaluation of qualifications for the position.

    Please complete the Foreign Influence Form so that we can proceed with the application process . Access the foriegn influence form online.

    Please contact our office with any questions related to the position and/or hiring process. If you have technical issues with the form, then please contact   
  • How do I submit the Assistantship Criteria Exception Form?

    The Assistantship Criteria Exception Form is submitted through Online Form Approval in your myWings.

    1. Please login to your myWings account
    2. Navigate to the Employee Resources tile, then Employee Forms, then Banner Online Forms
    3. The form is available under Graduate School
      • The exception form will first need to be routed to the students Graduate Program Director
      • An explanation is required on the exception form. Please contact the student for reasoning of why they do not meet the requirements. For those working over 40 biweekly hours, please provide the details of each position they are working.
  • When do I need to submit the Assistantship Criteria Exception Form?

    Once the Graduate School receives the ePAF, we will check the student's eligibility. If the student does not meet one or more of the bullet points below, the Assistantship Criteria Exception Form will need submitted (may be submitted for multiple reasons). It is recommended to submit the form as soon as you learn it is required. ePaf approval cannot be completed until an approved form is on file.

    • Not enrolled full-time in graduate level courses (9 hours for masters students, 6 hours for doctoral students)
    • Working more than 40 biweekly hours (international students cannot exceed 40 biweekly hours under any circumstance)
    • Not in good academic standing (GPA below a 3.0)
    • Registered for an undergraduate course
    An explanation is required on the form. If unsure, please contact the student and or program director for reasoning of why they do not meet the requirements. For those working over 40 biweekly hours, please provide the details of each position they are working.
  • In-State and Out-of-State Waivers - What do I need to know?
    In-State Tuition Waiver

    The in-state tuition waiver is only applied to GAs whose stipends are being paid by Graduate School funding, or a funding source approved by the Graduate School (refer to the allocation worksheet completed by the college dean's office). Students selected to receive this waiver must meet the minimum stipend amounts and working hours each term in the chart below for it to be awarded. Students are liable for tuition and fees not covered by the in-state waiver.

    To determine which students are eligible for waiver, please speak with your college Dean's office. A college designee is required to notate on the epaf (prior to the Graduate School approval line) if a student is waiver eligible. It is assumed that if there is not a notation, the student is not waiver eligible.

    Biweekly Hours Worked Required Stipend Minimum

    22/23 Waiver Percentage

    20-29 $2,500 50%
    30-39 $3,750 75%
    40+ $5,000 100%


    Out-of-State Tuition Waiver
    The out-of-state waiver is applied to any GA whose tuition is classified as out-of-state and who is working at least 10 hours per week. This waiver waives all out-of-state tuition and fees for the duration of an assistantship position. Students are liable for in-state tuition (unless awarded an in-state waiver), and fees.

    It should be noted that this waiver does not change a student's residency classification. No action is required by the department for this waiver to be applied.

    Important Notes:

    • Waiver is only applied towards graduate level coursework.
    • In order to post waivers in a timely manner, we ask that ePAF's be submitted 2-3 weeks prior to the start of the term.
    • Waiver is only good for the semesters during which the student is employed. Eligibility requirements must be maintained throughout the semester.
    • Student's are required to contact us if enrollment changes after the date the waiver was applied. 
  • Can a student lose their in-state and/or out-of-state tuition waiver ?
    Yes, if the position is terminated or the student withdraws from courses before the final deadline to withdraw from the term in which the position is held, the waiver will be adjusted accordingly or reversed. This may result in an outstanding balance being owed. Refer to the Academic Calendar for the final withdrawal deadline.
  • Can a department pay a Graduate Assistant's tuition directly?
    Yes, a department may pay the tuition and/or fees out of their own funds. Should your department wish to pay a non-waiver eligible GA's tuition, and/or a GA's fees, please follow the below steps:
    1. Contact Financial Aid at with the students N#, name, and the amount of payment that will be posted to the students account. Inform them that you are reaching out to add the amount to the student's resources and are not checking aid eligibility.
    2. Request the payment to be posted to the student’s account through Student Financial Services; once payment has been posted, a direct pay should be entered to UNF (N00401734) by the department and invoice forwarded to Accounts Payable for approval.  Student Financial Services will pick up the check and post to the student’s account.
    Departments that pay the tuition and/or fees out of their own funds may set their own eligibility requirements and stipulations for maintaining the payment.
  • How do terminate a student's GA position?
    If a student's position needs to be terminated, please contact Human Resources for a termination PAF. This form must be to routed to the Graduate School for signature.