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Coggin TV Slide Display Request Form

Slide Design Guidelines

  1. PowerPoint Slide Submission ONLY
    1. Must be in Landscape Orientation.

      ** For easy setup inside PowerPoint: click design > side size > page setup > set width: 26.67 in & height: 15 in > OK **

  2. Slide Layout
    1. Include a photo that is high quality and professional looking
    2. Have a "call to action"

      ** Learn more how to write an effective call to action to grab your readers attention: Call to action example

    3. Stick to UNF's color scheme
  3. Slide Content
    1. All Events MUST have a Date, Time, & Location
    2. Word count under 30; bullets or text with no paragraphs is best
    3. Originator of Content (i.e., Who is making this slide? Where does it come from? Coggin department name? Student organization?
    4. Date for slide to be posted & date for slide to be removed

** Remember, slides are only up for < 10 seconds. If readers can't understand your slide in 10 seconds you have to much text **


** Slides are meant to be advertisements, not paragraphs of lengthy boring descriptions or summaries about a speaker/event. Say it with a snap! **

Slide Request Process

To have your slide posted please submit a slide TV request through the graphic designer link below.




** The Coggin Graphic Designer and Director of the Coggin Career Management Center reserves the right to reject any slide that does not meet a professional looking standard or fails to meet the requested requirements. There is a strict standard of excellence as these slides run throughout the entire building. **

TV Slide Submission Deadline

5 business days in advance of your desired post date.

TV Slide Design Assistance

Submit a Graphic Design request 10 business days in advance of your desired post date.

Information to include in your request:


Department name

Date for slide to be posted

Date for slide to be removed

Must provide written content for slide

Attach photos of inspiration/style, if desired