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Information Technology Services

Wireless Network

Wireless (WiFi) connectivity offers students, faculty, and staff the freedom to access IT resources and the Internet without the use of cables.


UNF-Wireless System
Name of the network About the Network
UNF - Wireless For UNF students, faculty and staff, login with UNF ID and password. This network is encrypted.
UNF - Visitor Visitors to the campus may self-register on the "UNF-Visitor" wireless network for eight days of access. After eight days, visitors are able to self-register for another eight days of access. This network is not encrypted. Instructions are available for registering on the UNF-Visitor network. Students and employees may use the myDevices portal and register up to four devices on a rolling 90-day schedule.


UNF's wireless network supports 802.11 A/G/N standards. Existing computers, portable devices, and mobile devices will be able to establish connectivity with any of the three A, G, and N standards. It is recommended that new computers be equipped with 802.11 A/G/N-capable wireless adapters.

Students, faculty, and staff may see wireless networks other than those described above (such as unf-sprinkler, wwgay, etc). These are for specialized uses and should be ignored.

Available for

Students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Customer Responsibility

Abide by the University's network acceptable use policy.

How to Request Access

Requesting access is required on the "UNF - Visitor" network.