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Information Technology Services
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Strategic Roadmap

The ITS Leadership team identified six core strategic initiatives that make up the 2023 strategic roadmap. For each initiative, the team evaluated what is working, opportunities for the coming year, and used the findings to build out a strategic roadmap, while assigning an initiative lead and establishing timelines. Three of these initiatives are continued from 2022 and three are new for 2023.

ITS Business Operations | Security & Risk ManagementCampus Technology Experience | Service Management | Student Success | Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Strategy

ERP strategy, or enterprise resource planning, is key to the functionality and success of the entire organization. ITS will begin a multi-year project to replace Banner with a new ERP, Workday. In addition, ITS will work to optimize ERP strategies through application evaluation, expanding data governance and analytics, reporting, architecture standards/review, platform cloud strategy, and overall platform strategy.

  • Opportunities
    • Business Process Analysis
    • Legacy Support
    • Changes in orgs, governance & Process
    • Cloud, ERP, BI & Analytics, Middleware
    • Identity and Access Management
  • What’s Working
    • Funding
    • Reliability
    • Knowledge and expertise
    • Data management stewardship automation
  • 2023 Goals
    • ERP system to Workday
    • Architecture review board
    • Data strategy
    • Cloud first strategy
    • Solutions design - systems, integration & development
    • Banner 9 and 8
    • Identity and Access Management

Student Success

Innovation to enable UNF support units to easily engage with students, analyze and answer organizational questions, engagement management, and improve institution's ability to make information-based decisions. Technology will play a crucial role in moving the next generation of students forward while faculty and staff the needed tools to carry out UNF goals of student success. ITS will work to develop a shared governance strategy, identify/establish/support technology, organize staffing within ITS, establish roles and responsibilities of a unified approach.

  • Opportunities
    • Student Success
    • CRM
    • Marketing/Recruitment
    • Analytics
    • Engagement
    • Strategic vision
    • Raiser’s Edge
  • What’s Working
    • Systems well supported
    • Slate
    • Staffing
    • Campus Representation
  • 2023 Goals
    • Slate – Enterprise Support
    • Student Success Technologies
    • Advising
    • Engagement
    • Marketing/CRM synergy
    • Raiser’s edge replacement
    • Curriculum Management

ITS Business Operations

ITS has recently branched into its own division and over the next 12 months, ITS will establish new business and administrative processes enhancing overall operations. This will require ITS to create effective and efficient automated processes for all operational procedures. The division will also require resources and growth to accommodate planned UNF student headcount increases. In addition, ITS will prepare and present its first annual report to UNF stakeholders.

  • Opportunities
    • Automation
    • Divisional Procedures
    • Space
    • Purchasing
    • Vendor Management
    • Employee and Talent
    • Budgeting
  • What’s Working
    • Work output
    • Environment
    • Budget
    • Staffing
  • 2023 Goals
    • Automation through ServiceNow (HR, Space, Furniture, Reclass)
    • Onboarding, recognition, events, motto
    • Roles and responsibilities (Vendor, payments, billing, Purchasing limits, new hardware and software, capital)
    • Forecast UNF growth impact on ITS in all departments

Security, Risk and Infrastructure

Information Security is one of the most important components to the ITS organization and university, as it serves as the complete protection of all ITS systems, networks, hardware, software, digital assets, and data. Effective security practices are essential to safeguard data and prevent access to any organizational assets. ITS will continue work to conduct a risk assessment, develop an overall risk management strategy, update and document disaster recovery strategies (including testing), improve digital literacy, produce documentation, develop policies, and create a security roadmap optimizing security within the organization.

  • Opportunities
    • ERM - GRC
    • Privacy
    • Security/Digital literacy
    • Culture
    • Roles & Responsibilities
  • What’s Working
    • Audits
    • Nationally recognized
    • Outreach
  • 2023 Goals
    • Documentation
    • Risk Assessment
    • Risk Management - GRM
    • Security Roadmap
    • Disaster recovery planning and testing
    • Identity and Access Management

Campus Technology Experience

The campus technology experience is a crucial component to the university as well as the successful delivery of its mission. Focusing on the campus technology experience will allow ITS to continuously work to improve the university’s relationship with its customers. ITS will strive to optimize our technology experience by developing experience along with engagement plans for UNF. The campus technology experience will ensure technology strategies align with the UNF strategic plan as well as an overall student centric focus.

  • Opportunities
    • Fragmented experience among systems
    • Endpoint management
    • Printing
    • Communications
    • Helpdesk Staffing
  • What’s Working
    • Successful changes
    • Firefighting
    • Maintenance
    • Windows/calendars
  • 2023 Goals
    • Endpoint roadmap
    • Endpoint Experience
    • Virtual Desktops
    • Virtual Labs
    • IAM
    • System Center
    • Jamf
    • Authentication
    • Intranet

Information Technology Service Management (ITSM)

As a customer-focused organization, service management is one of the most outwardly facing components, working to continually improve the organization by providing effective and efficient customer support to the UNF community. Service management involves the ongoing process of designing and training of technical knowledge to deliver the management of IT services to customers. ITS will work to develop a service management strategy/roadmap, fully rollout the ServiceNow platform, establish communication strategies, develop KPIs, implement asset management, incorporate project/change management into ServiceNow, and evaluate CMDB to optimize service management within the organization.

  • Opportunities
    • Expand ServiceNow Functionality
    • Customers directly call ITS staff
    • Expand Self Service
    • Service Catalog
    • Data/Dashboards
    • Knowledge management
    • Tier roles and responsibilities
    • Inventory
    • Communications
    • Change Management
    • Assets
  • What’s Working
    • Issues are addressed
    • People know who to call
    • Up time/nimble response
  • 2023 Goals
    • Service management strategy/roadmap
    • Service Catalog
    • Communication strategy
    • Incident management
    • Major Incident Response
    • KPIs
    • Asset, project, change, knowledge and inventory management
    • Knowledge Base
    • ITSM Advisory
    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • SPM
    • Governance
    • Portfolio Management