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Coggin College of Business

Master of Accountancy Curriculum

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The MAcc program consists of 33 semester hours of graduate study in accounting, tax, and related business topics (11 three-hour courses). A thesis is not required. The accounting track curriculum is divided into:

  • A core of 21 semester hours of accounting and tax courses and nine semester hours of related business courses
  • Nine semester hours of accounting, tax, or finance electives
  • A three semester hour non-accounting graduate business elective

A graduate course offered in another UNF college that coincides with a student's objectives may be taken in lieu of the three-semester hour non-accounting elective, given the approval of both the MAcc advisor and course instructor. Only 6000-level courses may be used to satisfy the 33 semester hour requirement.

Recognizing the importance of taxation, a MAcc student may elect to concentrate in the area of taxation. If this option is followed, the same core is required as for the accounting track MAcc, with the addition of TAX 6045-Tax Research and Writing. A taxation concentration student is required to take three of the additional taxation courses as major electives.