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Support Services and Resources Summary

The following is an outline of the types of support services and resources that the CEI intends to make available through its management team and its relationship with members of the local business/entrepreneurial community. The list is not exclusive and is subject to change at any time and from time to time. The CEI management will determine whether and to what extent the following support services and resources will be made available to Clients.

Client Assessment

The support services and resources provided to each Client will depend on the particular Client’s individual needs. The CEI’s management will try to learn as much as possible about each Client through periodic meetings and reporting programs in addition to informal communications. CEI management will evaluate the needs of each Client continually and work to provide appropriate support services and resources to meet those needs, as determined by CEI management, its Advisory Board, and staff.

CEI Facilities Agreement

Incubator Space

The CEI will provide access to common areas, including access to office, conference rooms, shared restrooms and kitchen facilities, Internet access and security and janitorial services.

Offices and Conference Room

Conference room and offices are available on a first come, first serve basis. If demand exceeds supply, a scheduling system, with time limits will be put in to place.

Building Access and Parking Access

Keycards to the building and garage will be provided to Ventures selected in to the CEI. Keycards must be returned upon graduation from the program and may not be shared with any one outside the Program.

General Business Consulting

The CEI will offer a broad array of access to business consulting service providers in the local community and from the University (particularly the Coggin School of Business). Areas of interest to start-up ventures typically include:

  • Business Plan Writing
  • Market Analysis
  • Budgeting and Finance
  • Management
  • Presentations to Angels/Venture Capital Group


The CEI intends to make the following technology resources available for the benefit of its Client companies.

Wireless Services

Those not affiliated with UNF (i.e. without an N-Number and password) will need to connect to UNF-Visitor. You can find the full set of instructions on the UNF ITS webpage. Instructions will be available in the CEI and are also attached to this agreement.


Note: With UNF-Visitor, clients will be provided seven days of continuous access. Those affiliated with UNF (i.e. with an N-Number and password) should connect to UNF-Wireless.


Copier/printer- 9-cents/copy for black and white; 25-cents/copy for color


COMPANY may amend this policy from time to time; Client will be immediately notified of such amendments.


The CEI will offer the services of student interns to ventures in the Incubator. The Internships are primarily educational programs that allow students to gain practical work experience and a salary at the same time, and are offered as a benefit to CEI clients. Clients may interview and “hire” one intern or request interns from a specific discipline from a pool. The students may be available to work twenty (20) hours per week. Interns will come from a variety of backgrounds, and often requests may be made for a specific type of background for a specific venture. Regardless, there are certain rules and policies that are specific to interns at the CEI.

Brianna Kilcullen

brianna kilcullen headshot

Founder, Anact

2019 Cohort

“Anact wouldn't be where we are at without the UNF Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center and Karen Bowling's leadership. The Center is on the forefront of defining what it means to be an entrepreneur in Jacksonville and creating a safe space for founders like myself to incubate ideas, connect with others and bring them to life.”

Drew Messer

drew messer headshot

Co-founder, Urban SDK

2019 Cohort

“UNF has been so helpful to us. They gave us space, provided marketing support as well as interns to help us. We are so appreciative of what they have done for us.” 

Alexis Lior

Headshot of Alexis Lior with a white flower in her hair and black and white one shoulder shirt

Founder, Adeleigh's Treasure

2019 Cohort

"The Center has supported me in expanding my vision and strategy for Adeleigh's Treasure. The resources have been outstanding. CEI is a pillar in the Jacksonville Entrepreneurship community."