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UNF Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation - Connecting Industry, Academia, and the business community to provide a pathway to success

About the Center

The University of North Florida’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is Jacksonville’s first equity-free, comprehensive business incubator. Early-stage and startup companies are provided the education, resources and support critical to their development. 


Students studying business, engineering, health, education, and arts and sciences will have opportunities to participate as Interns that support the needs of the entrepreneurs and provide hands-on learning experiences. Students will engage in projects such as product development, marketing analysis and planning, financial statement creation, etc. These collaborations will enrich the UNF student experience and help participating entrepreneurs move from concept to market.


Support new businesses and prosperity for our region. Your investment will benefit UNF students and the Jacksonville and North Florida communities by connecting great ideas to talent, expertise and capital.


   Council Seat - $20,000 (over 2 years)
Investor benefits, plus:
Advise on operations & programs
Entrepreneur selection panel   


Additional opportunities are available; for additional information please contact Kara Barber at (904) 620-4019,, Karen Bowling (904) 620-4013,, or Kathleen Contrino (904) 620-5890,