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Summer Music Camp

Thank you for attending the 2022 Summer Music Camp.

Director of Camps:

Dr. Michael Bovenzi


Phone: (904) 620-3846

Head Counselor:

Dani Zentz


Overnight: $525 for housing (double occupancy), meals and camp tuition

Day Camp: $335 (8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. lunch included)

Extended Day: $400 (8:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. includes lunch, dinner and evening concerts)

Cancellation Policy: $100 deposit will be withheld from any refunds due to cancellation.


All vehicles entering campus must display a parking pass. Parents must purchase a parking pass for the Friday concert and any evening concerts they wish to attend during the week.


We have chosen to price this camp to make it more affordable to families, compared to our competitors. 


This camp is for the following instruments:

  • Flute 
  • Bass Clarinet 
  • Clarinet 
  • Euphonium (Classical and Jazz)
  • Horn 
  • Bass Trombone (Classical and Jazz) 
  • Jazz Bass 
  • Jazz Drumset 
  • Jazz Guitar 
  • Jazz Piano 
  • Oboe 
  • Percussion
  • Saxophone (Classical and Jazz)
  • Trombone (Classical and Jazz)
  • Trumpet (Classical and Jazz)
  • Tuba (Classical and Jazz)
  • Jazz Combo Bb 
  • Jazz Combo Eb 
  • Jazz Combo Concert Key 
  • Jazz Combo Requirements 

Download audition materials 

Musescore is a free professional music notation software that is accessible with NVDA and can be accessible with JAWS, with additional script installation. Campers who need assistance may download Musescore for free, open sheet music, and use the screen reader in this program to read the sheet music. Musescore has an accessibility handbook and guidelines for people using screen readers available here.


Electives are subject to change.

Classical Improvisation – Classical performers were the first to improvise! This course is for woodwind, brass, and percussion campers who want to learn how to create and improvise melodies on their instrument. Improvisation is not just for jazz! Campers will learn how to be creative and play their instruments WITHOUT having to rely on printed music. 

Conducting – This class gives students the opportunity to develop confidence on the podium and learn the basics of conducting and communicating with an ensemble. Students will learn to conduct the main beat patterns and will study representative works to hone their conducting skills.

Jazz Combo – This elective will be approved by completing a jazz combo audition upon arrival at camp. A combo is a small jazz group consisting of rhythm section (piano or guitar, bass and drums), and one to four horns. Jazz combo is for experienced players and strong improvisers. The audition consists of improvising on a prepared selection.

Jazz Improvisation – Learn practice techniques and jazz theory needed to successfully perform improvised solos. Campers will be placed in one of three levels based on their theory placement exam.

Jazz Jam Session – for students who don’t make a jazz combo but want to practice improvisation in a group setting with live musicians. Tunes will be learned, solos will be taken, FUN will be had!

Music Technology – Learn how to use music software to create sounds and compose music using samples, loops, and digital effects. Students will compose and record their ideas, leaving camp with a copy of their own creation. 

Saxophone Ensemble (NEW) – for years campers have asked to do more chamber music and ensemble pieces for saxophone, so here it is! In this elective campers will play small and large group saxophone pieces to work on intonation, blend, dynamics, style and phrasing.

World Drumming (NEW) – Learn about world percussion instruments and how to play them, while improving your overall sense of time and rhythm.


Check back in 2023.

2022 Campus Faculty

Flute – Dr. Sarah Jane Young, UNF

Clarinet – Dr. Sunshine Simmons, UNF 

Double Reeds – Anthony Anurca, Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra

Saxophone – Dr. Michael Bovenzi and Prof. Todd DelGiudice, UNF

Percussion – Dr. Andrea Venet and Prof. Mike Taylor, UNF

Trumpet – Dr. Randall Tinnin and Prof. JB Scott, UNF

Horn – Dr. Timothy Groulx, UNF

Trombone – Dr. Clarence Hines, UNF

Euphonium, Tuba – Dr. Marc Dickman, UNF

Jazz Piano – Prof. Lynne Arriale, UNF 

Jazz Guitar – Prof. Barry Greene, UNF

Jazz Bass – Prof. Dennis Marks, UNF 

Jazz Drumset – Clyde Connor, U.S. Navy Band Commodores Jazz Ensemble

Symphonic Conductors: Dr. Erin Bodnar, Dr. Timothy Groulx, and Mara Rose, Fleming Island High School

Jazz Band Conductors: Prof. JB Scott, Dr. Marc Dickman, Dr. Clarence Hines, Clyde Connor 

Jazz Improvisation: Prof. Barry Greene, Prof. Lynne Arriale, Dr. Marc Dickman 

Jazz Combos: Prof. Lynne Arriale, Prof. JB Scott, TBD 

Camp FAQs

  • Who is eligible to attend camp?
    Students who have been playing symphonic and/or band instruments for at least two years and who are entering 8th grade, through high school graduates. This year, we will have one week of camp with multiple symphonic and jazz groups. All campers are expected to perform their major scales and the prepared camp pieces upon arriving at camp. Be sure to check out the audition requirements page before enrolling to ensure that our camp will be a good fit for your student (s).
  • Will I have to audition at camp?

    Yes. All students attending the UNF Summer Music Camps will audition upon  arrival for symphonic band chair placement and jazz band placement if applicable. All  campers can participate in both types of large ensembles. Advanced improvisers may also audition separately for the camp Jazz Combos. Classical small groups are also available.