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Housing and Residence Life

Steps to Resolving Roommate Concerns

Report a Roommate Concern

There are a number of ways to report a concern with your roommate. We have created the form, Report a Roommate Concern, as a way for you to report a concern with your roommate at any time of day. These forms are sent to your Residence Life Coordinator. They are reviewed during business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Please note, this form is not to be used for emergency situations. If your concern is an emergency, please contact the University Police Department at (904)620-2800. We have Department of Housing and Residence Life student and professional staff on call 24/7 for handling crises. You can reach our on-call staff by calling (904) 620-5000.

Roommate Concern Form

Anyone who lives with other people will experience conflict; this is true for college roommates, families, friends living together, and anyone living in community! There are several strategies you can use to resolve roommate concerns:

Communicate Directly with Your Roommate

In may situations, roommates can resolve concerns by communicating directly with each other, peer to peer. View conflict resolution tips to help you work directly with your roommate on resolving issues and concerns.

Talk to Your Resident Assistant (RA)

Your Resident Assistant (RA) is trained in peer mediation. They are a great resource for initial concerns in which you might need an extra set of ears and an outside listener to help you address concerns. You can contact them by using email or the other forms of communication your RA has shared with you. Your RA may help provide you guidance on how to address your roommate directly, follow up on concerns you have brought forward, and provide you options on how to proceed with your concerns.

One option you have is to have a roommate mediation with your roommate(s) and the RA. In difficult discussions, it can be helpful to have an unbiased person to help mediate. RAs have good experience helping roommates come up with solutions to their conflicts. If you find that you and your roommate(s) are having difficulty resolving conflict on your own, we encourage you to approach your RA to arrange a mediation.

How mediations work:

  • Contact your RA to explain the situation and request a mediation.
  • Your RA will contact all roommates to find a time that works for everyone. It is important to

Talk to Your Area’s Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) or Assistant Residence Life Coordinator (ARLC)

Each residential area has a professional staff member, the Residence Life Coordinator and the Assistant Residence Life Coordinator. The RLCs and ARLCs are also great resources if you have tried other steps to resolve your roommate conflict but are still having challenges. The RLC and ARLC have professional-level training in mediating concerns and is equipped to handle more significant roommate concerns.

Participate in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

The Dean of Students offers a voluntary conflict resolution process called Alternative Dispute Resolution. Alternative Dispute Resolution is one of many different available options for individuals to proceed through when settling a disagreement. Alternative Dispute Resolution, also known as ADR, is more of a collaborative approach to problem solving. It offers individuals a way to more fully understand the viewpoint of the other party, or parties, involved in a conflict or disagreement. It also allows for parties to come up with more creative alternatives to solving issues and is often more conversationally based.

You can schedule your walk-in ADR appointment on the scheduling webpage.