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Housing and Residence Life

Finding Roommates

Finding Roommates

One of the top questions we get from students is how to find roommates. First, rest assured, it’s not required to have a chosen roommate to live on campus! Many people have positive roommate experiences with people they did not meet until move-in. Below, we have outlined some of the common ways people find roommates.

Random Roommate Assignments

Many students do not have a chosen roommate before room selection and end up rooming with someone randomly assigned to the space. This happens during the room selection process when students choose individual spaces in open rooms.

Use The UNF Housing Portal in myHousing

When you complete your Housing Contract, you can enter lifestyle preferences. You can also log back into myHousing at any time and update these preferences. These preferences include things like whether or not your roommate smokes, your preferred level of cleanliness, sleeping habits, and more. Reflect upon what your preferences are and complete as many of the fields as you prefer. If you are a living-learning community (LLC) student, be sure to select your LLC.

Other students will also complete their lifestyle preferences. This means, you will be able to use your lifestyle preferences and use our Roommate Search functions to find roommates who match with your preferences.

Other Ways to Find Roommates

Students find roommates in other ways, too! Some people meet a great new friend during orientation and choose to live with them. Others use social media networks to find roommates.