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Housing and Residence Life

Roommate Agreement

To help you have a positive roommate experience, we require all residential students to have a Roommate Agreement on file.

You, your roommate(s), and your Resident Assistant (RA) will work together to complete the Roommate Agreement form. The goal of the Roommate Agreement is to help you set boundaries for your living environment.

Below is a sample of the 2023-2024 Roommate Agreement form that is required to be completed online:

  • Online Roommate Agreement
    In the next drop down, you will find a sample of what the online roommate agreement form will look like. You can look over this with your roommate(s) before completing the required online roommate agreement form.
  • Roommate Agreement Overview

    Welcome Home to UNF!

    To make this best possible living experience for you and your roommates, the Department of Housing and Residence life is offering you terms of agreement to take into consideration.

    Use this form to facilitate a conversation between your roommates to create the type of atmosphere you desire to be studious, fun, and respectful. Discuss and complete this roommate agreement with all roommates present and involved. Be specific, honest, and clear throughout the process. At no point during this process are you required to disclose personal or private information about your identify, beliefs, health, or lifestyles that they are not comfortable sharing.

    Once completed, sign the agreement to show that you accept the terms you have created. In the event of a conflict, refer to this agreement and speak with your Resident Assistant. You may request to view, revisit, or rewrite this agreement at any time.

    Roommate Bill of Rights:

    Each resident has the following basic rights within their room:
    • The right to a clean and healthy environment.
    • The right to sleep and study free from undue interference or noise.
    • The right to privacy and freedom from interference with personal belongings.
    • The right to free access to your room without pressure or intimidation from your roommate(s).
    • The right to expect reasonable and cooperative use of room-shared equipment and materials (outlets, laundry room, kitchen, etc.).
    • The right to be free of any unnecessary emotional distress, discrimination, or harassment (physical, sexual, verbal, etc.).
    • The right to host guests with the expectation that the guest will abide by hall policies and respect the rights of the roommate(s).
    • The right to ask (at any point) that guests leave the space to accommodate, sleep, study, and comfort of the room occupants.
    • The right to have conflicts resolved in a timely fashion.

    Select your Residential Area:

    The Housing and Residence Life staff member responsible for helping you complete the Roommate Agreement process is:

    Personal Preferences

    Each roommate should complete this section to be included in the roommate agreement.

    Select the + button in the top right corner of this box to add additional roommates to this form.

    Describe the type of relationship you would like to have with your roommate(s).

    The things I would like my roommates to know about living with me are:

    I usually wake up by:

    I want to go to bed around:

    When a roommate needs to talk to me, my preferred method of communication is:

    Study & Sleep

    The following behaviors are acceptable when a roommate is napping or sleeping:

    Here you will select options

    • Clean or vacuum the room
    • Have guests over
    • Listen to music without headphones
    • Play video games on TV/Laptop without headphones
    • Watch movies/videos on a laptop without headphones
    • Watch TV
    • Talk on the phone
    • Have the room lights on
    • Have personal lights on
    • Other

    The following behaviors are not allowed when a roommate is napping or sleeping:

    Mark which behaviors are acceptable when a roommate is studying:

    Here you will select options

    • Listen to music without headphones
    • Play video games on TV/Laptop without headphones
    • Watch TV
    • Watch movies/videos on a laptop without headphones
    • Clean or vacuum the room
    • Talk on the phone
    • Have guests over
    • Have the room lights on
    • Have personal lights on
    • Other

    The following behaviors are not allowed when a roommate is studying:


    Residential communities have open room visitation with roommate consent. The Visitation policy is a shared responsibility between the residents of a community and community staff. Students are encouraged to address violations in their area.

    Residents and their guests are required to carry their Osprey1 card or another picture identification card at all times. This ID must be presented upon request of a Housing and Residence Life or University staff member.It is a policy violation to share an Osprey1 card with anyone and should not be given to guests or any other student.

    Guests should be escorted by a resident at all times and the host is responsible for their guest and the actions of their guest at all times.

    For more information on guest policies see the Resident Handbook
    The roommate's rights to privacy, sleep and study take precedence over the rights of a host to have guest. The host must have verbal agreement from their roommate(s) to have a guest.

    Select yes to the next question to clearly define the conditions when guests are welcome and guest expectations.

    Select no to the next question if a roommate does not consent to guests at any time, under any circumstances.

    Are the residents of the room okay with having guests?

    • Yes
    • No

    Living Environment Standards

    What standard of cleanliness will your shared space be?

    Select the chores that will be shared responsibilities between all roommates.

    • Clean the bathroom
    • Cleaning the fridge
    • Cleaning the microwave
    • Laundry/Dirty Clothes
    • Taking out the trash
    • Sweeping
    • Vacuuming
    • Washing dishes
    • Other
    • None

    How often should chores be completed? If you plan to establish a shared schedule and divide responsibilities, outline those details here. (daily, weekly, before guests, as needed, on a designated day, etc.)

    Room Temperature should be kept between __ and __ degrees.

    How will common area spaces be organized and shared? (shared counters, shared bathrooms, shared cabinets, shared fridge, laundry room, etc.)

    Privacy and Security

    Each occupant of your room is entitled to peace of mind that their belongings are safe and secured in their assigned space. Housing staff will do our best to ensure the security of you, your room, and your belongings. That said, it is expected that each roommate serves their part to maintain appropriate privacy and security of the occupants and belongings in the room.

    Some spaces in your room are designed to be shared such as the living room, kitchen, and/or bathrooms. All other space in the room should be treated as individual—meaning only the owner should interact with it—unless otherwise designated. Spaces like beds, desk, dressers, closets, etc.

    Use the section below to more clearly define what is and is not consider shareable in your space.

    You may elect to share personal belongings with roommates. Do your roommates have designated belongings that can be borrowed or shared?

    What, if any, additional furniture or decorations are we okay with adding to the common space?

    Communication & Conflict Resolution

    Every person will perceive conflict differently. Some people try to avoid conflict while others seem to thrive in it. Conflict can both be debilitating in some situations while healthy and necessary for others. When handled effectively, conflict can challenge ideas, inspire growth and improve communication.

    Conflict is not the answer when

    • It is avoided and ignored
    • It creates a hostile living or learning environment
    • It creates an environment where others do not feel safe and respected to share their thoughts, needs and perspectives

    Define Conflict:

    If we have a conflict, we will bring it up it within___ hours/days/weeks.

    We can bring up conflicts in these ways: (Check all that apply)
    • Face-to-Face
    • Note/Letter
    • Phone Call
    • Email
    • Text Message
    • GroupMe
    • Instagram/Snapchat DM
    • Facebook Messenger

    If we have a disagreement, we will resolve it within___ hours/days/weeks.

    The following rules must be followed for conflict resolution: (Check all that apply)

    • All persons involved in the conflict resolution must be present
    • All persons involved in the conflict resolution must have advance warning of the conversation
    • All distractions (TV, phones, music, etc) must be put away during the conversation
    • Guests can be in the room during a conflict resolution
    • All participants must be honest during the conversation
    • Other

    When conflict arises, we will resolve it in this way:

    When conflict in our room has been resolved it will look like:


    We acknowledge that if the above methods do not work and conflict should arise that we are not able to resolve independently we have the ability to seek a mediation facilitated by Housing and Residence Life staff.

    Select the box below to agree

    We agree to contact our Resident Assistant or Residence Life Coordinator for support through roommate conflicts.

    This form can be amended or changed at any time by requesting a mediation with a Resident Assistant or Residence Life professional staff member. Any changes in this form will require a meeting with all roommates in attendance.

    All roommates added to this form should receive an emailed copy to their UNF email upon submission.

    By submitting this form, the roommates indicated above hereby agree to abide by the guidelines outlined in this agreement.

    Resident Assistant:

    Date this form is being submitted.

  • Sample PDF Roommate Agreement
    View a PDF sample of the roommate agreement form before completing the online roommate agreement with your roommate(s) and your RA.